WordPress is the most used CMS (content management system) in the world. To utilize the maximum benefits of this CMS, one should know about various tricks and tips to improve a WordPress website.

One such thing is the rich snippet in blog post. If you are not already using this awesome tool, you should start right away.

How To Add Rich Snippet To WordPress

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What is Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet is a special feature that allows you to customize the search engine listings of your website and web pages. You can add a rating, author name, and many other features to the specific content such as reviews on your website.

Still not sure why should you use rich snippets?

Have you ever searched Google for a product review and found results with ratings?

What is Rich Snippets

Search result examples (Without Rich Snippet) and (With Rich Snippet)

In above image sample you can see how adding rich snippet in your blog post can stand out in search results.

This is what rich snippets do for your content. As you can probably understand, search results with rich snippets are easily noticeable. They give more information about a result, such as who wrote this article, how long it takes to make that recipe, user ratings, etc.

Users are more likely to click on a result with rich snippets. It also improves your site’s visibility in the search and can also increases the domain authority.

Rich snippets can be used for different types of content including products, articles, events, reviews, recipes, apps, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Rich Snippet to WordPress

Adding a rich snippet to WordPress is a simple process with the use of existing plugins. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets is the most popular and free, yet limited rich snippets plugin for WordPress. You can install this plugin directly from the WordPress plugin directory from your WordPress dashboard.

How To Add Rich Snippet To WordPress

Upon activation you can see the Rich Snippets option in the left sidebar; Click on it.

How To Add Rich Snippet To WordPress

As you can see, there are multiple configuration options for different content types including Item Review, Events, Person, Product, Recipe, Software App, Video, Article, and Service. Basically, you can add a rich snippet to almost every content type on your website.

Click on a content type to see the options available with it. You can change the values as you want.

How To Add Rich Snippet To WordPress

To add rich snippets to a post, add a new post or edit any existing one. You can see the “Configure Rich Snippet” Meta box just below the post editor. Select the type of content from the list.

How To Add Rich Snippet To WordPress

After selecting the content type, you can see various options you can edit to customize the rich snippet of your post.

Let’s assume you are writing an Item review here. Select “Item review” from the list and fill in the details.

How To Add Rich Snippet To WordPress

Now update/save the post and you’re done.

Testing Your Rich Snippets with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool allows you to test your rich snippets before making them live. To do it, just visit Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and enter the post URL in the field.

Testing Your Rich Snippets with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Upon clicking on the “Run Test” button, the tool will test your markup.

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