Jetpack plugin is one of the most used plugins in the world of WordPress. It is also called a super-plugin.

It consists of many different features and services under a single plugin this is what makes it on top of others. But in jetpack social sharing you may find limited sharing services available by default. It has a handful number of sharing services under it which is 7 social websites in total excluding email, pocket and print service. It includes social services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Reddit.

I really do appreciate the services Jetpack offers but due to this limited numbers of social services, it offers I sometimes think to hunt other social Plugins. But then it also offers you to add a new service which can be a good sign for users using Jetpack. As other than the default social services in Jetpack we need few more services to add to our Jetpack.

As other than the default social services in Jetpack we need few more services to add to our Jetpack.

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Here I am sharing my research on how to add custom sharing services to Jetpack. I found two social services which could be very beneficial if I would be able to add them to my Jetpack social sharing. Those two shortlisted social services I picked are Buffer and Delicious. Both are very helpful and recommended by many while sharing content on social sites.


It is a very smart way to share on social media. It could be the one single solution to enhance your social activities to a higher level. It offers you some interesting features like scheduling your content by which you can set the specific time on which you think your content will reach maximum people on social media sites.

It allows you to share your content from a single dashboard and you don’t even have to visit any social sites to publish or share your content. You can do everything from your Buffer dashboard.

Steps to Add Buffer Sharing Service into jetpack:

1. Under WordPress setting option you will find “Sharing” option.

2. A new window will open. You will see “Add a new service” under available services click to open it.

Add a new social service in jetpack.3. A pop-up window will be displayed asking you for Service name, Sharing URL and Icon URL.

4. Now you have to add these given details into this form.

 Adding the Buffer Share Button to WordPress Using JetpackService Name: Buffer
Sharing URL:
Icon URL:

5. For Icon Url, you can download it from google images by 16×16 size image search. Here is how you have to make your search in google images. Type Buffer icon -> search tools -> Size -> Exactly -> set width and height to 16×16.

36. It’s done! Refresh your page and you will find a new Buffer button is there in your available social share buttons.

Now click “Save Changes” button at the end of this page.



Delicious is very different from normal social media sites. It is a social bookmarking web service which allows you to share, store and bookmark. It is totally free, which allows users to share any content directly from websites in his delicious account which will be publically viewable by default, but you also have the option to make it private.

It has many features in it which could be very helpful for your content sharing.

Steps to Add Delicious Sharing Service into jetpack:

1. To add Delicious sharing button in Jetpack. We do same as before going to the “Sharing” option under WordPress settings.

2. Under Available Sharing Services, you will see “Add a new service“. Click on it and a pop-up window will show up asking for the Service name, Sharing URL and Icon URL.

3. Now fill up the pop-up window form with required Delicious sharing URL. You will find details below this given screenshot.

how to add delicious sharing button in jetpackService Name: Delicious
Sharing URL:
Icon URL:

4. You can search Delicious icon 16×16 in google images, same as I explained before in under how to add buffer sharing button in Jetpack.

5. This is it. Delicious button will be added to your available services. Refresh your page once.

Again, don’t forget to “Save Changes” at the end of this page.

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Thanks for reading this article hope you will find it helpful. Feel free to ask any question or issues while attempting this task via the comment section. And if it works fine for you, do share this article on your social accounts.

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    • Sorry to say but there is no source to provide all services names and sharing URLs completly. You have to search one-by-one with their names.

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