Get Faster Indexing Your WordPress New Posts With WordPress Ping List 2015

WordPress blog always has a larger structure to get indexed. Unlike any other static website, WordPress is having too many content updates which need to be indexed instant.

The faster the indexing of your blog, the faster it will show up in search engines. Everyone wants his/her blog posts to get indexed in the Search Engines to get better results.

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A normal blog which is not SEO optimized will takes days/weeks to get indexed unless it is aged. We just have to wait till Search Engine bots crawl our blog posts to index them.

But as I said before the faster it indexed, the faster it will show up in search results. Therefore bloggers find a way to make their blog index faster. The solution is to add WordPress Ping List to your blog.

What Does Pinging Do?

Ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism. By adding Ping List to your WP blog, whenever you publish, edit/modify any old post, WordPress automatically sends pings to all pinging services added to your blog. This will attracts bots to crawl your blog right away for any new updates. This is how the Ping list makes your blog to get indexed faster than any other normal blogs.

This is how the Ping list makes your blog to get indexed faster than any other normal blogs.

Is it Safe to Add Manual Ping List?

This question has been asked by many new bloggers. The answer to this is “Yes”. The manually adding to Ping list could never harm your blog. Actually, this is one of the features offered by WordPress CMS.

I would love to share my blog’s ping list which is very effective and updated time to time. By adding this you will see your blog posts get indexed within 24 hours. Here is the Ping list used by LoudTechie.


How to Add Ping List in your WordPress Blog?

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress Blog dashboard.

Step 2:

On the right side options, go to “setting” tab. It will display a list of options select “Writing“.

How to add or update WordPress ping listStep 3:

Scroll down to “Update Services“. Now just paste here the above shared WP Ping List and remember to do “Save changes“.

How to Update WordPress Ping List

Now your blog is ready with an updated WordPress Ping list. From now on any changes were made in your blog will automatically be notified to all above Ping services.

Updating your ping list is one of the most important WordPress settings should be made after installing WordPress.

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About the Author Alok

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

  • Jewel Rahman says:

    Hi Alok,
    Thanks for the list of ping urls, I have tried to copy the urls and paste it on my wordpress blog Setting>Writing list. It is very helpful for quick indexing of our blog post. Nice keep up it.

    • Jewel Rahman thanks for the feedback. And yes it will surly effect your blog’s indexing.

  • I had updated your ping list after created post, does wp send ping when i update the post?

    • Yes it will send pings even after normal post updates.

  • Aryan Arya says:

    this is too good. Thanx a lot for sharing this list.
    Just wondering to know, when we publish a post and wordpress pings these services – is there a way to know and see which ones have been pinged succesfully and which ones not. I mean, is there any log within wordpress where we can find out this.
    Thanx anyways for the list.

    • Hello Aryan good question. But there is no log file for this at present. If you want to get a detailed log regarding which is pinged and which is not. I suggest you to go through online ping tools. You can find online “google ping” tools they can show you the exact details what you are looking for.

    • Not sure about blogger blog. But you can try if there is an option to add pinging services like in WordPress.

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