10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Twitter draws 320 million monthly active users. A survey reported about 42% of Twitter followers seek twitter to learn about products and services, 40% give their suggestions on Twitter. This makes it among the top social platform to hit for traffic and engagement.

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Being an avid social media marketer, I have many active accounts on different social media platforms. Twitter works best for me. You may have read our previously shared article on tools to get more followers on Instagram.

A personal social media account is easy to manage but managing any business social media account is a difficult task. Therefore managing tools for social media accounts are essential to staying in the competition.

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I use to work a lot on twitter, tweeting 15-20 blogging related posts a day manually that consumed 2-3 hours every day. I had to get away with it. This made me research web-wide for twitter assistance tools.

I carved my way through. Would you believe now I only spend 15 minutes daily on Twitter and my followers doubled in a short time!!! These tools help me mark my presence on social media and encourage user engagement.

Scroll down to find free 10 Twitter Tools to Increase Followers insanely. Just keep in mind you need to create ENGAGEMENT with the audience to increase FOLLOWERS.

# Twitter Analytics

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Use Twitter Analytics to measure and improve your presence on Twitter. It is a great platform to know your visitors, success, failures and activities you do on Twitter. Once you are aware of the visitor’s’ activity, you know the areas to be worked upon.


  • It is an easy-to-navigate platform that offers you guidance about your top followers, their interests, demographics, and locations.
  • It also let you know your top tweets and mentions. You can thus measure engagement and carve ways to make your tweets more compelling. You can even promote individual tweets.
  • You can trace your Twitter cards, clicks, Retweets, and app installs. With twitter cards, you can embed rich media to your content. Eye-catching content increases retweets and followers drastically.
  • You can export reports for offline perusal.


# HootSuite

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

HootSuite is invaluable tool widely used by social media experts to widen their social presence. It incurs approx 10 M users worldwide.

It allows you to auto-schedule your tweets and upload the tweet which is likely to get you more followers. Isn’t this going to increase your followers insanely?


  • You can reply to mentions and IMs in one click.
  • It creates, import and shares potential audience list. This list includes the people who are likely to be your top followers.
  • Schedule and update your tweets thus marking your presence and boosting engagement.
  • It allows you to retweet across multiple Twitter account. If you are a professional you can handle up to 10 social profiles in one go.
  • It offers real-time analytics for better data insights.


# Crowdfire

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Crowdfire allows Twitter users efficiently manage their accounts. It gives you the complete idea of who follow and unfollow you and who is currently inactive on Twitter. It lets to peep in other’s tweets and followers. So, you have a list of your influences followers. You need not create your own list.

I am currently using this tool to increase my twitter engagement on my blog and I would love to suggest it to others also.


  • Provide you the list of the ones who unfollowed you or who are not active. You may unfollow them back and get rid of the unnecessary mess on your twitter timeline.
  • Offer “Copy Followers” and “Keyword Follow” features. This way you can have exposure to the list of the people who are likely to be your Twitter followers in future.
  • It provides you with “The Blacklist Button” to ignore spammy accounts. You can keep bay who you don’t like.
  • Provide you insight information how your Twitter activities affect your follower list.


# Commun.it

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Commun.it assists in driving traffic on your Twitter Page and increase your Followers. It helps you discover valuable Twitter members and followers.

It carves out important relationships on Twitter thus, blowing the game of messy long twitter followers list. One million Twitter user uses Commun.it.


  • It filters valuable people from your following list. This removes clutter from your stream.
  • It tracks your engagement and retweets to sub-categorize your followers into Influences, supporters and engaged members to give you a better control over your account. You can deal them separately.
  • It schedules your posts and helps you manage multiple profiles.
  • Provide Analytics to study your twitter relationships better.

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# Socialoomph

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

SocialOomph is another easy way to grow Twitter followers. It filters quality followers for you, keeps an eye over your social activities and schedule tweets to be uploaded.


  • It schedules your tweets and allows you to post even when you are offline.
  • It tracks keywords and emails you the list. You can filter tweets of your importance.
  • Provides you with OAuth method for password-free login. Of Course, it is secure!!!
  • You can manage up to 5 Twitter accounts simultaneously.
  • It offers you auto-DM features and so many others on pay.


# Tweepi

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Tweepi gives you a complete overview of your followers and who you are following. It Is highly popular among top brands. They use it to follow relevant users and improve their presence on Twitter.

It is used by more than 15 M users.


  • It helps you in finding the most relevant users in just one click. You can search them by name, social circles, an area of interest, location etc.
  • It helps in boosting up engagement, relationship with the visitors and interaction activities by Following them, mentioning them or by adding them to list.
  • Twitter send triggers on registered mobile or email about “to-be-followed” person. This assists you in getting discovered Twitter-wide.


# RiteTag

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

I find RiteTag as one of the best Twitter tools. It has the ability to make your content go viral in short span and that too with negligible efforts. It helps us to create rich Tweet content that comes directly from followers and influencers. It picks tweets tweeted by people and work upon them.


  • It offers reaction on the hashtag strength as you type by changing colors as an indication. This allows you to better choose the hashtags.
  • You can set a Trend Alert to be notified for emerging hashtags suited for your keywords.
  • You can group hashtags in various sets and add them to post instantly from those sets.
  • Paid versions allow you to add images, tweet automation and call-to-action feature.


# TwitterFav

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

TwitterFav is another twitter companion tool. It requires you to create a keyword list which it can use for twitter automation activities. It uses its intelligence to distinguish important and favorable tweets for you and respond to them. It connects with people of similar interest.


  • It allows you to pre-select your ‘favorites’ and let the automation broadcast your message to million users on Twitter.
  • It auto retweets your product and services to the niche when required.
  • It erases unwanted tweet that is not likely to benefit you.
  • You can set tweet scheduler via CSV uploads. It entertains both single and bulk uploads.
  • It introduces useful links to your DMs and send them across the platform without fail or being spammed.


# ManageFlitter

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

ManageFlitter is an absolutely incredible tool that allows you manage more than one twitter profile simultaneously. It lets you track who unfollowed you and see who all belongs to your niche.

You can further filter your followers based on interests and find new people of your circle. It discovers a better audience who may be your potential followers.


  • You can sort and manage multiple accounts at ease.
  • It provides you with functionally great engagement tools to grow your fan following on twitter.
  • It tracks when your followers are online and tweets and retweets on time. I love this feature. It gives you maximum!!

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# Twibble

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Twibble is a wonderful RSS-to-Twitter scheduling platform. It is simply designed yet a robust tool. It lets you add RSS feed from any source on the web. You can thus keep your wall active and informative.This will attract a lot of followers to your page.

With Twibble you can share content, media, insights and news. It carves a professional tweet and auto-upload your post to all Twitter followers


  • It automatically shares your posts to followers and builds ‘engagement’.
  • RSS feed added to your Twitter page help you in twin way i.e. increasing Twitter followers and exposing you content to accrue traffic on your web page. Make sure to insert useful links.
  • You can decide when to tweet. It offers you a schedule planner for ease.
  • It provides you with analytics insights to better understand your audience.


These tools can help you sow revolution just by using 140-word Tweet. Just binge on 2-3 of the best suited for you. Experiment to go with the best of all.

You now have tools to increase your followers on Twitter. All this is surely going to happen. What is needed is CONSISTENCY.  Be persistent to take the time to log into your apps and schedule tweets for the day. Also, never underestimate personal interaction. Tools help you in engaging with ease but personally interacting is warm.



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