Top Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2017 (Updated)

Are you into blogging or SEO? Then you must be looking for backlinks for your blog.

Don’t know from where to start making backlinks?

Here in this article, I will share my knowledge about backlinks creation using blog commenting. And later on, I will share my shortlisted blog commenting sites list.

Top 200+ Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2016 (Updated)

Everyone is in a race to get to top ranking positions on search engines ranking. But this race cannot be won without getting good quality and good numbers of backlinks.

If content is KING, then BACKLINKS are the treasure. Without treasure, the king has no power.

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Till now all of you would have known the importance of the backlinks. Now lets finds out how can we get that treasure (backlinks) for our king (Content).

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting part comes under Off page SEO work. There are many ways to create backlinks for your blog out of which one is blog commenting.

In blog commenting we do comment on different blogs related to our blog niche. It is important to comment on blogs related to our blog niche only.

When you see any good article related to your blog topics and you feel like commenting on it, you can find out a commenting box at the end of that article.

Before commenting you should read the content first and then write a comment regarding that article or suggest/share any knowledge or experience regarding that article. If you think something more should have been added to that article you can write that in the comment section.

Before submitting, it will ask you to fill in your name, email, website link with your comment. Fill in all the required information and submit it.

Yes, it is as easy as that.

You must be thinking it will be the easiest job you will ever do. Then let's get into it and start commenting.

Types of blogs: Nofollow and Dofollow Blogs

If you are an SEO guy or somehow connected to any kind of SEO work then you must have been familiar with these two types of blogs links: Nofollow and Dofollow blogs.

All blogs are divided into nofollow and dofollow. Blogs which are providing dofollow links is known as Dofollow blogs. And blogs which are providing nofollow links are known as Nofollow blogs.

There are many browser extensions, plugins or tools are available to check nofollow or dofollow links. I am using SEOquake extension to check dofollow and nofollow links.

Ethics of Blog Commenting:

In old days blog commenting was not that famous, as it mostly gives nofollow links. And nofollow links do not have that much value when it comes to search engine ranking. Even many bloggers disabled comments on their blogs.

In old days link building was the most prominent task in building backlinks, but then Google starts penalizing websites for doing link building to get backlinks and search engine ranking.

Nowadays blog commenting is in boom mostly because of bloggers. Bloggers also aware of this nofollow and dofollow links types but they believe that sharing a link via blog commenting will give more exposure to their blog.

And it really happens, sharing links via blog commenting do helps your blog to grow more. It will generate backlinks for your blog including regular visitors and real audience to your blog.

  • Blog commenting should be on blogs related to your blog niche only.
  • Before commenting on any article you must read it properly and then comment related to that article only. You can share your view about it, any suggestions about it, any tips or experience regarding that article topic, something which you think can also be added in that article.
  • Never comment short replies like “thanks for sharing”, “interesting article” all these kind of comments are ignored by bloggers.
  • If you want to generate backlinks for any particular blog post, make a search related to that specific topic, after getting an article related to that same topic, write your in-depth comment after reading that article, it should be a genuine comment.
  • Using gravatar icon while commenting supposed to be better than having no profile image. Add your own image with a face, it will have more chances to get accepted then a blank image or your brand image.
  • While commenting always use your own real name in the name section. Do not fill in your blog name or brand name in the name section. Adding keyword in name section do not get accepted these days. So better go with your real name instead.
  • Do not add your blog link or article links inside your comment. As it has 90% chances to get rejected or it can trigger your comment into spam section.
  • Always try to make an impact with your comment. A short comment is never considered worth reading or accepting. So writing a lengthy and in-depth comment always helpful in making an impact and attracts more readers.

So avoid all those things which can make your comment a spam. Consider all above-mentioned ethics before commenting on any blog and you will get good quality backlinks to your blog.

200+ Blog Commenting Sites with High DA and Better Alexa Rank

The days are gone when blogs are categorized based on PageRank value. Nowadays Alexa rank, DA, PA and MOZ rank are the qualities one should check before getting any backlinks.

Getting backlinks from good a site having good Alexa rank and higher domain authority can improve your blog's Alexa rank and increase your domain authority.

Active Blog Commenting Sites (UPDATED)

Commentluv Enabled Blog Commenting Sites List

Here is the list of few commentluv enabled blogs sites for blog commenting. You can check all sites in the list and start commenting on blogs related to your blog niche. This list is self-picked from many different sources. But I would always love to add more to this list so kindly share any site you think should be added to this list using commenting section.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List 2017 (UPDATED)

UPDATED: This list has been updated on 8 May 2017. Any further updates to this list will be informed.


Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He covers how to blog, SEO and marketing.

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    Hey Madhvi,

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    Reasons, why your comments don’t get approved could be many. I suggest you read all the Ethic of blog commenting as I have mentioned in this article.

    – What matters in blog commenting is to write your real name, avatar image, related niche site, content related comment and no short comments just for the sack of link placement.

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    Totally agree with you Yasser. If a person follows the blog commenting guidelines properly, he can get his site link placed in some high authority sites and YES for a lifetime. No doubt it would be a nofollow link but it still would add value to your blog.


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