How To Create A Free Blog Using Blogger/Blogspot

Welcome to the exclusive step by step guide to creating your own blog. To own a blog is a great thing. You can let people know what you are good at, you can express yourself, or may help others gain knowledge with your knowledge. But, owning a blog and making decent revenue out of it needs patience, it needs a lot of patience and continuous updating along with uniqueness. So, if you have made your mind to start a blog read on and you will see how simple it really is!

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In case you are a newbie to blogging and you do not wish to invest, try out what blogging with BlogSpot. Once you get a hang of blogging you can move to professional and paid site. BlogSpot allows you to have a free site but there are limitations attached to it. So, remember if you are a beginner you can start with BlogSpot and then shift to WordPress.

Things you need to know:

BlogSpot is a platform for blogging provided by Google. And all your images are hosted by Picasa, which is also provided by Google.

Now the Step-By-Step guide to Blogging:

Step1: Go on, and log in using a google account. In case you don’t have a google account, you need to create one and sign-in. Creating a google account is free as well.

Step-By-Step guide to BloggingIf you are a first timer, you can also use Google Plus to sign-in. And, it is a better option to use your Google+ account to sign-in.

Once you have logged in click on create a free blog.

Step-By-Step guide to Blogging


Step 2: Name Your Blog

The name of your blog is very important. Remember this is how people will identify you and what you do. If you pick a wrong domain name you will have to start all over again. All your efforts would go in vain and you will have to work equally hard to get yourself recognized.

Hence, be very careful while picking the name of your page. The domain name should be SEO friendly, and unique for people to identify you.

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Now you can select your template, and start blogging.

Well, it doesn’t end here. There are a few settings that need to be taken care of, to make it easy to use.

Go to setting and make changes to improve the visibility of your Blog. Now go to posts, and you can start your first blog post. It is also advisable that before you post your blog post, create few pages, like ‘About Us’, Contact Us or Home’.

The default blog template is pretty boring, so you might want to change the template outlook, there are many free templates available online, you can download these easily. You can add your logo as well. On the left side menu bar, you will find many options like Overview, Posts, Pages, Layout, Template. Click on Template button on the left menu panel.

How To Create A Free Blog Using Blogger/Blogspot 

Step 3: Making Money With Blog

Little earnings is always a boost, once you have written a few blog posts, link your blog with a Google AdSense? account. Depends on the traffic your blog is getting you will start making some decent amount. As it is known that Google AdSense? works great with blogs.

Go to > settings > earnings > enable Adsense

How To Create A Free Blog Using Blogger/Blogspot

Now, once you have enabled AdSense, you need to have an AdSense account.

  • Create Google AdSense Account.
  • You will have to wait for 48 hours to which they reply whether your blog is accepted or rejected.
  • Make sure you read all the terms and conditions well and abide by them.

Like we already said, this post is only for newbie bloggers. In case, you are looking for professional blogging, you can buy a WordPress hosting.

Now, you are ready to start a blog ahead and let us know if you like the post or is there something else you want us to add.

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Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

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