Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve Them

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Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve Them

The WordPress CMS is very popular among passionate bloggers and website owners.

It is easy to operate and manage WordPress sites/blogs. Plus, it is updated frequently, has lots of themes and plugins, and is available totally free of cost.

But, when you operate WordPress sites professionally, encountering various WordPress errors become inevitable occurrences. WordPress errors sometimes frustrate users when they are not able to fix that.

If you are hit by WordPress errors, don't get worried at all.

Most of the WordPress errors can be solved easily. Just have a look at some main WordPress problems and their solutions which are detailed below:

1. Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error or “500 Internal Server Error” is a common WordPress error which is quite frustrating for WordPress users, especially the new ones who don’t know how to fix the error.

Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve Them

Generally, this sort of error is caused mainly by Corrupted plugin functions, Corrupted theme functions, Corrupted .htaccess, and Exhausted PHP memory limit.


#1- Check the corrupted .htaccess file and rename it. For this, you need to login to your site using the FTP. As soon as you rename the .htaccess file, try to load your website and see whether the problem is solved or not,

#2- Increase the PHP Memory Limit.

  1. Create a blank text file on your computer and named it as php.ini
  2. Copy and Paste this code "memory=64MB" in it.
  3. Save it and upload it into your /wp-admin/ folder using FTP.

Or you can simply contact your hosting company regarding this,

#3- Deactivate all Plugins and reinstall them one by one and refresh your website to see which one is causing this issue,

#4- Re-upload Core Files, and

#5- Ask your Hosting Provider to look into this issue.

2. Unsuccessful WordPress Auto-Update

These days, WordPress comes with an auto-update feature to combat security issues, minor bugs, etc. Generally, WordPress websites adopt auto-updates.

Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve Them

But, in some cases, it may fail due to Internet connection problems during auto-update, Broken connection with main WordPress files, and Incorrect file permissions. When auto-updates fail, you will see a PHP error message, A blank white screen, and a warning that says the update failed.


In this case, update your website manually. If you are not comfortable with doing this, consult a WordPress Developer.

3. HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden (Access Denied Error in WordPress)

Forbidden errors in WordPress surfaces occurs when your site has incorrect permission settings.

As a matter of fact, every file and folder has a permission access number which determines whether the content is executable/readable/writable or not.

Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve Them

When the settings change, visitors can't access the content they are looking for. It is an extremely problematic issue for WordPress beginners. If you don't fix this issue ASAP, it will damage your reputation as a website owner.

You can face this type of problem while trying to access the admin area of your site, during WordPress install, and while visiting any page on your website.

Possible Reasons for Error 403:

  • Poorly Configured Security Plugins- There are many WordPress security plugins that can block one or more IP address if they consider them as SPAM.
  • Corrupt .htaccess File Or Incorrect File Permissions On Your Server.
  • Accidental changes to the server settings made by your Hosting company
  • Firewalls considering visitors from certain IP addresses as SPAM and blocking their access to your websites.


403 Problems Caused by


A WordPress Plugin

Deactivate all the Plugins you are using on your website. It will most probably solve the problem. You may Activate all plugins at one time to know which plugin was causing the problem.

Corrupt .htaccess File 

  1. First of All, connect to your website using an FTP client or file manager in cPanel.
  2. Find  the .htaccess file in the root folder of your WordPress site.
  3. Download the .htaccess file to your computer to take its backup. Now, delete the file from your server,
  4. Access your website now. If the problem is solved, then your .htaccess file was corrupt.
  5. To generate the fresh .htaccess file, go to your WordPress admin area » Settings » Permalinks page and click on the Save Changes button. The WordPress will create a new .htaccess file

File Permissions in WordPress 

Ask your hosting company to solve the problem. If it doesn't help you to solve the problem, you can do it yourself too if you are technically sound.

4. White Screen of Death

Sometimes, when you try to access your site, it shows the white screen with no error message. Most of the people get puzzled by the problem as they have no idea about the problem and how to solve that.

In most of the cases, it happens when a plugin or script exhausts PHP memory limit. It can also happen on account of a configuration problem on the server.


#1- Just increase the PHP memory limit by opening your wp-config.php file and placing the following code:

define ('wp_memory_limit', '64M');

#2- Disabling All Plugins and reinstall them one by one.

#3- Replace your site's theme with a default theme.

5. WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

This is another common WordPress error. It happens when a plugin or script consumes the allocated memory.


Follow the process mentioned in the 4th point to solve this problem.

6. WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

While browsing websites, many times you come across websites or web pages that shows 404 error. It's a rampant problem for WordPress website owners.

Actually, 404 pages are non-existent links. The availability of too many 404 pages on your website can annoy both search engines and visitors, causing a great loss to you in terms of website traffic, leads, SEO ranking of the site, etc.

Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve Them


You can trace and eliminate all broken links on your WordPress site with the help of a WordPress plugin. As soon as you install the plugin, it automatically tracks all broken links and notifies you about that. You can either delete them permanently or fix them.

You can also use Webmaster tools to track and fix 404 error pages. Or you can create your own custom 404 error pages

7. You Are Locked Out of WordPress Admin (wp-admin)

On a number of occasions, you find that you can't access your website. It is quite frustrating to face this type of problem without knowing its reason. This may disturb your blogging life and can cause a great loss in terms of revenues if you create or operate websites for your clients/customers.

There are several reasons for this problem, such as Error Establishing Database Connection, White Screen of Death, use of the Incorrect Password, Lost Admin Privileges, and PHP Errors.


#1. Error in Establishing Database Connection

This problem is caused by the use of wrong database login credentials, unresponsive database or corrupted database. To solve this problem, just repair your site's database by adding the following line in your wp-config.php file.-

1 define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);

B. Check the WP-Config file and find whether everything in your wp-config.php file is OK or not. Use this code:





define('DB_NAME', 'database-name');

define('DB_USER', 'database-username');

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'database-password');

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

C. Ask your hosting company to check the status of the MySQL server and ensure it is responsive. If you want to handle MySQL server yourself, go to your cPanel, make attempts to access phpMyAdmin and connect the database. If you can't connect, create a new file testconnection.php and paste the following code to check the database user has sufficient permission-










$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', 'password');

if (!$link) {

die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());


echo 'Connected successfully';



Just replace the username and password and if you are connected successfully, something is wrong ahead. Now, return to the wp-config file to make sure that everything there is correct there. This way, you will be able to solve the problem.

#2. White Screen of Death

See the 4th point to know how to solve this problem.

#3. Incorrect Password Issue

Try to access your site using the correct login details. If you are not able to do so even after using the correct Login Id and password, then it is possible that your website is hacked.

So, you need to reset the password from phpMyAdmin.

#4. Lost Admin Privileges

On several occasions, you log in to your site's admin, but you don't gaze any admin functionalities, such as no themes, plugins, etc. it happens because of the modifications made in user permissions.

In most of the cases, hackers cause this problem. They hack your site and erase your admin privileges. To deal with this problem, just add an admin user to the WordPress database via MySQL.

#5. PHP Errors

These type of errors take place when you paste the code from a website.

To solve this problem, install an FTP on your site. After this, sign into your site- Go to the theme you have modified, eliminate the code and reupload the file.

Final Words:

Several types of WordPress errors keep troubling your digital life. These are some most common WordPress errors with their solutions. Just go through them properly and make your WordPress life smooth and hassle-free.

I'll try to update this post from time to time with more WordPress errors and their solutions. If you are a WordPress user you should bookmark this post for future use. As these errors can occurs anytime.

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