As we discussed in our previous article about how to start a blog with free web hosting.

There are hundreds of free website building and hosting services available. So that one can easily create a free blog for the first time use/experience or self-blogging purposes. When you decided to start a blog or website the real question is to choose a perfect domain name and a best reliable web hosting for your blog.

A large number of companies are trying to sell their hosting services and each one claims to be better than the other. They all offer countless features and worry the consumer. It thus becomes difficult for the consumer to choose something reliable.

Here’s a step by step guide that will help you to choose a perfect web hosting service for your website

Identify your Budget

It is very important that you know your budget so that you can narrow down on your choices. Yes, there will be things other than the budget that trouble you but let first things come first. The budget will also depend on what you are hosting. If you are hosting something really simple, then do not spend a hefty sum of money on hosting. However, if you are selling something or are running a full-fledged blog, then you definitely need a lot of bandwidths.

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Narrow Down your Features

Each and every hosting service provides a different list of features and hence, you ought to decide which ones are the most important to you and choose the service accordingly.

What kind of Hard Drive do you want?

How much RAM, whether you want to use an SSD or an SATA are things that should bother you before you purchase a web hosting service. The answers to these shall rely heavily upon what you are hosting and what is it that you want to do with your website. You will have to have a fair estimation of traffic, load and user utilization. However, largely, how heavy your website is going to be is what will decide your Hard Drive type.

The Email Address Provision

A website server usually provides an email address to its consumers for utilization. Thus, ensure that you are being provided with one that can be used for all commercial purposes.

How convenient and user-friendly is the control panel?

The control panel allows you to control the look, the responsiveness etc. of the website and hence, is one of the most useful features. You ought to ensure that the control panel is user-friendly and easy to handle.

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Thus, these are the most important things that you should look into before choosing a web hosting service. After all, you have to ensure that your website runs and doesn’t keep crashing and a good server is a must for that. Go ahead and get the best server possible!

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