Cloud vs. Dedicated: Look for Better, Faster and More Cost-efficient Technology!

When it comes to running your site and keeping it functional for the visitors, who support you; there are two kings in the online world. The dedicated server and cloud server. The choice of cloud web hosting versus dedicated server has become a never-ending topic of debate. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing, a reasonably […]

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How To Add Custom Sharing Services to Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack plugin is one of the most used plugins in the world of WordPress. It is also called a super-plugin. It consists of many different features and services under a single plugin this is what makes it on top of others. But in jetpack social sharing you may find limited sharing services available by default. It […]

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Simple & Affordable Ideas To Help You Market Your Home Business Online

Running a home-based business is always a concern, as you are strapped for cash and time. Putting into practice a helpful marketing strategy that will generate the right buzz for your business keeping the costs of operation low is a difficult job. Coming up with compelling marketing ideas is the biggest challenge that is generally […]

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