7 Best Video Editing Software & Tools For Beginners

7 Best Video Editing Software & Tools For Beginners

The days are gone when developing a short film was considered as the work of the technical professionals. Over the years, the landscape of video editing has transformed and reached to a new level. The technology has created some incredible applications which can be purchased by the new users for just a few bucks a month or for no cost at all.

Here we will tell you about the top 7 best video editing software & tools for beginners which are suitable for beginners.

  1. Avidemux


It is a basic software but has some of the most innovative features. Avidemux will give the users access to basic editing tools and comes with features such as easy clip splicing, host of filters and much more. Through these features, the users can clean their videos instantly and hassle-free. It consists of robust editing tools, which ensures that the videos have a professional touch. The software also has an additional feature named extensive online Wiki through which beginners can learn about editing tips.

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  1. Ulead VideoStudio

    Ulead VideoStudio

Ulead VideoStudio is considered as one of the favorite software among the digital video editors. This software is easy to use and allows the users to convert the captured video into DVD movies quickly. It features tons of stylish effects, audio and transition tools to make a creative video. The other exciting features of this video editing software are Chroma Key, DVD motion menus, Video Pan & Zoom.


  1. Final Cut Studio

    Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Studio is the perfect option for the users looking a software for the Mac computers. The users can use special effects features to create animated effects on the go. It is a consumer-friendly software coming with lots of brilliant features to make a high-quality video.


  1. Window Movie Maker

    Window Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker is most common video editing software which comes inbuilt with all the Windows operating system. The users can take several shots together. They can use every shot and even add music to it. All the files will be saved in the .WMA format and users can convert them to a file extension of their choice by using the third party video converters.

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  1. Lightworks


It is one of the best video editing programs available in the market featuring a packed timeline, real-time video effects, trimming tools and a beautiful user interface. This software has been used to make some of the popular motion pictures. Lightworks is incredibly fast and easy to use software.


  1. Roxio Creator NXT

    Roxio Creator NXT

Roxio Creator NXT is a stand-alone product, which is more than just a video editing tool. It is a digital creative suite featuring lots of tools to edit video, images, audio and much more. The users can also have access to thousands of transitions, themes, and effects for creating a brilliant video.


  1. Muvee Auto Producer

    Muvee Auto Producer

Muvee Auto is one of the favorite video editing tools among the beginners. The users can complete a movie project by following some simple steps. They can start with capturing some raw video from a digital camcorder and choose an MP3 background music and pick a style of their choice. They can further give it a professional look with the soundtrack, scene transitions, opening titles and end credits.


The users can select any of the above-mentioned video editing software. We can assure that these tools will satisfy all their needs for a long time to come. Have a try and enjoy professional video editing.

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