Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

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Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Admit it!

You want more organic traffic no matter how many page views you get at this very moment. Many of you are desperately looking for the best way to bring tons of search engine visits to your site.

But guess what? The key to opening the door of huge organic views are in your hands. It’s nothing but your primary keyword itself.

No! I am not telling you to use the same word over and over again in your article. Instead, I am going to share with you a new term called long tail keywords which you can get from the seed keyword.

Maybe, Long-Tail keyword isn’t a new term to you. You might have heard it and let it go through your mind like any other unwanted phrase.

But let me tell you! As a digital marketer, you should believe in the power of long tail keywords. As of these days, adding long tail keywords in your posts is one of the most important parts of WordPress SEO guides.

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How to Search for Long Tail Keywords and Use it in Your Content?

I have divided this article into different portions for improving the readability.

First, I want to give you an introduction to long tail keywords.

What is Long Tail Keyword?

As the name indicates, long tail keyword is something lengthier. If you use it wisely it can be used to target your audience and increase the scope of your content.

Let me give you an example. You are writing an article on ‘make money online’. So, that’s your seed keyword.

But when it comes to long tail keywords, they can be like how to make money without using Google AdSensehow to make money online from Adsense, how to make money online without paying anything, make money online without investments. You can come up with a lot more as well.

As we all know, the days of keyword stuffing is gone.

And, the best way to have your keyword in the content in a sensible way is to leverage the power of long tail keywords. Apparently, you may not rank well for the exact long tail phrase. But the ranking for the seed keyword will surely get improved.

How to Research for Long Tail Keywords?

One of the most heard doubts a lot of marketers ask is how to find long tail keywords. You can do it in two different ways; both manually and with the help of tools. I recommend going with the second method as it helps you get an idea of the search volume as well.

Are you ready to know how to search for long tail keywords? Here you go!

N.B.- I want you to decide your seed keyword first before even looking into the methods below.

Using Google Keyword Planner

Even though Google created this amazing tool for advertisers, it has become a boon for publishers as well.

Finding long tail keywords with Keyword Planner isn’t a mammoth task as you may expect.

Step 1: You have to visit Google Keyword Planner and, log into your account.

Step 2: Once you sign into the account, you will see multiple options there. What you need to select here is Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 3: Clicking on the same reveals a new set of fields underneath. Don’t worry about filling everything. All you have to do is just plug your seed or primary keyword into the first field and hit Get ideas.

In our case, it is “make money online.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 4: After a moment, you will get a huge list of Ad group ideas. Click on keyword ideas tab to get all related keywords to “make money online“.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 5: Now select one or two keywords based on searches and competition which you will be going to use to get long tail keywords. Here we go with “ways to make money online“.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 6: To get tons of long tail keywords paste “ways to make money online” in the search box to get ideas. Now you will get a list of best relevant searched keywords on your screen.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Unfortunately, Google has stopped displaying exact search volume. Still, you get a rough figure.

Keyword Planner gives you an option to download all these keywords in an Excel CSV file for offline access.

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Using 7Search

7Search is yet another long tail keyword generator to help you with your online venture.

If you are desperate to know the exact search volumes for keywords, you are going to love this tool.

First, you have to visit 7search.

Second, click on the Advertisers link given on the top navigation bar.

Using 7Search to find long tail keyword

What you see next is a text area where you can insert your seed keyword without any hesitation. If you want to target more than one keyword, just separate them using commas.

Here I entered blogging. Now hit see keyword results.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

After this, there is some issue with the keyword tool as it is taking too long to show results. So I suggest you one other way to get this keyword tool working.

So I suggest you one other way to get this keyword tool working. Go down to website’s footer links and click “keyword Tool“.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

Now, you will be directed to keyword suggestion tool page. Enter your seed keyword, check “show click and cost estimates“. Click on Get Suggestions.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

As you see in the image, you will get the list of exact long tail keywords with your primary phrase in them along with the CPC and search volume.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

You can also export the list into an offline excel sheet for future use.


Using Keyword Shitter

Honestly, I am a great fan of Keyword Shitter. The way it delivers huge results without having any fancy element is just awesome.

Working on Keyword Shitter is really simple. Just visit the website, insert your keyword(s) and press Shit Keywords! There you go!

Find long tail keywords Using Keyword Shitter

Though the performance is lightning, you won’t get any additional details.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

As we have done with the long tail keyword research, let’s have a look at the ranking factors.


Long Tail Ranking Elements

If you want to rank your for long tail keywords, you have to put your attention also into some content creation tactics.

#1. Strong Keyword-Rich Headlines

Using keywords in headlines is a ranking technique that we always know. But we don’t always go for the same.

For a blogger who always cares about user experience, stuffing keywords into titles may seem like a chaos. If you are such a person, all you need is deep thinking.

Once you have a bunch of keywords, you must pick a few of them with higher search volumes to be included in the title and headings.

In our example, I chose “make money online, how to make money online, and make money online from home.” Combining these phrases to get one title is more than easy.

How to make money online from home?

See? You can see all the three keywords in this title.

Similarly, you should use them on your headings as well.

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#2. Internal Linking Chain System

Do you know why Wikipedia gets the top position for most of the search terms? It’s because of its vigorous internal linking.

Internal Linking Chain System

If you check a Wikipedia article, you can see tons of internal links no matter what the target page is related to the source or not.

Google wants you to give value to the user experience. Once you interlink (link to a page on your own website), it shows you want to give extra information to your audience. And in Google’s scanner, it will be taken as a valuable act to increase user experience.

So whenever you write an article, you should link to already published articles. I recommend you do use related links to what you talk about.

For a blog owner with tons of articles, interlinking may not be a cakewalk. If you have such a blog on WordPress, I have good news for you. Mentionable is one of the best plugins that helps you interlink in a flash of the second like you mention people on Facebook using ‘@’.

Having breadcrumbs on your blog is another good practice for improving search ranking as Google likes better navigation.

breadcrumbs on your blog

Make sure you vary the anchor texts at times because the same anchor text on different places that points to a single page will get you into troubles.

#3. Trusted Links

Even though we say SEO is an ever-changing field, the importance of backlinks hasn’t even decreased a bit. You can rank higher with the help of links from authority websites.

The best way to get quality backlinks is to check the link profile of your competitors.

First, search for your primary keyword on Google. Here it is “make money online”.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Once you get the results, copy the URL of the first webpage (Make sure it is not a sponsored ad).

Then, go to any backlink checker tools. Open Site Explorer is the Swiss army knife for a lot of marketers in this regard. Though it’s a premium tool, you can sign for a free limited account.

Paste the URL into the given field and, assess the quality in terms of DA and PA. The higher the DA, the better the quality of the site will be.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Now try to get links from those sites via guest blogging and blog commenting. The former is the effective and most legitimate way.

#4. Social Signals

People share useful content only. If you provide value, your articles get shared many times. So, Google started taking the social engagement as a criterion to rank sites.

One of the best ways that worked for me in getting social signals is lock something inside your content using share buttons. Once anyone completes a share, the content becomes visible.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use Social Locker plugin (both free and premium versions available).


Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords

In this section, I am going to give you a few long tail keyword finders here. You have got three tools already; Keyword Planner, 7search, and Keyword Shitter.

Here are bonus tools for Long-Tail keywords:

#1. Google Related Keywords

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

On the bottom of every Google search page, you will get a list of related keywords. Whenever I write an article, the first thing I check is the same portion.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

The benefit is you don’t have to worry about search volume of these long tail phrases much.


If you want to have popular long tail keywords from different platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia etc., you should use

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Signing up for a free account grants you with an access to:

  • Download all you keyword lists to your computer
  • copy them to the clipboard
  • set your default language and country.
#3. Long Tail Pro

Do you want an authoritative tool to get profitable long tail keywords? Then, Long Tail Pro should be your first pick. The tool features tons of features including rank tracker, CPC checker and keyword competition analyzer etc.

It’s a paid tool.

Also, check out their guide on “How to do long tail keyword research for SEO”, A list of Seven that will make your keyword research go Heaven.

#4. Hittail

If you want to go professional and can able to afford paid tools then I suggest you try out this one. The special thing about this tools is that you can see actual search volume and currently indexed web pages to compete with. You can pick low competition keywords for better and faster ranking. Besides the long tail keywords searched by this tool are very helpful in all matters.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Under this tool searched results can be sorted by regional google search engines whatever country results you want to search.

#5. Google Auto-Suggest

Another amazing keyword searching tool by Keyword Tool Dominator. You can assume it as an upgraded version of google related keywords searching feature.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

It is a free tool. And quite a helpful tool for new bloggers to search good long tails keywords. This tool also let you download keywords in excel sheet format.

#6. UberSuggest

New bloggers always fond to hunt free tools to get best results for their blogs. Here is another free keyword research tool for everyone. UberSuggest is free to use but as my personal experience, I don’t like it that much for long tail keyword search. But still, it counts under the great list of tools.

Let’s search for seed keyword “blogging“.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords


Last on our long tail keyword search tools list. This is one perfect SEO tool for anyone. And I definitely recommend this tool to all newbie or professional bloggers. Here we set our seed keyword “SEO tips“.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Here is the long-tail keyword research for our seed keyword.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to find long tail keywords now. As you read in the beginning of this post, long tail phrases help you improve your main keyword’s ranking.

Edit your old articles and insert long tail keywords into it. And, include profitable phrases in your new content too.

You can use the best long tail keyword generators to reap phrases with huge potential.

About the Author Alok

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

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