One simple way by which you may hope acquiring plenty of traffic free of charge is by applying social network buttons on your website.

These social sharing buttons must be stylish enough to grab user’s attention so that they end up driven themselves towards sharing what they simply read on your website now.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPressWithout a doubt, Social Media Networks has revolutionized the way internet users share information online.

When I first started blogging, it was very common for readers to subscribe to blogs using RSS.

We all know today is the era of Social media and It has become such a centralized part of the internet that, for most of the websites, it is their second highest traffic source!

Due to this, it is essential for bloggers to integrate social sharing buttons on their blogs.

By integrating social bookmarking and sharing buttons, you’ll give your readers the capability to rapidly share your site posts on their most favored social networks sites.

This may assist you to drive more traffic from social network sites that will in turn also help improve your search engine ranking.

There is a variety of amazing social media plugins for WordPress that you may use to promote your blog content.

There are also some social network plugins for WordPress that are created to integrate social network functionality into your website apart from sharing your posts.

I have picked out the most popular ones here for a quick read.

#1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is the most feature rich & popular plugin at this moment.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

This is the same plug-in that has been used by most popular bloggers from around the world.

This plug-in cost only $29/year which is worth every cent whenever you see the feature it provides.

What I really liked about this plug-in is, even though it provides numerous choices to configure, a good newbie user may be capable of utilizing it without getting stuck at any stage.

Social Warfare has become my go-to social sharing plug-in for WordPress.

This plugin makes it easy to add visually stunning sharing buttons to your blog in a variety of locationsyou can add share buttons above or below your posts, via shortcodes and even floating share buttons.

And it gets even better: you also get access to a number of strong features that will give you an enormous boost in social shares.

#2. Monarch by Elegant Themes

Monarch is an unbelievable social sharing plugin created by the team at ElegantThemes.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

This plugin boasts some notable features, it enables you to display social share counts after they reach a specific number which is perfect for preventing negative social proof.

Also, you can show social icon in other widget areas or your sidebar and you can track or monitor social shares within an interface that are impressive in design and animations.

Monarch lets you show social network sharing buttons in a bar that is floating, in a popup, above and below content, and on a fly-in box at the bottom of every page. What’s more, buttons can be also revealed on videos and pictures.

The buttons look stunning, and the plugin offers support for more than 20 social media networks. Additionally, it gives you many ways to alter how things are shown, enabling you to choose from various icon styles, colors and shapes.

  • Support for social networks that are popular.
  • Multiple screen options like above/below floating share buttons and posts.
  • Choose when share counts are shown.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Pop over and fly in share boxes to support sharing.
  • Show social network icon in widgets or with shortcode.
  • Track social shares enjoy and follow with integrated data.

Cost: $89/year (cancel anytime and get access to other plugins as well as 80+ WordPress themes).

#3. WP Sharely

WPSharely can help you to get more social shares for your blog content, bring more visitors and monitor your results.

It works on the principle if they see something in it for themselves by sharing that content will be shared by visitors.

Update: WPSharely has been discontinued, but soon will be back with a new name. 

Content is locked up and will unlock only if you have shared the specific page in question.

To entice a share, you may use coupons codes, pictures, links, articles, videos, audios or any other revolutionary thing that you could cook up.

Other features of this wonderful plugin comprise –
  • Content locker can be wrapped up in four distinct themes.
  • The content locker can keep hidden particular snippets of content on a page or a post.
  • Can hide the content that is secured in the source code.
  • An alternative to hide members that are registered.
  • Can alter the URL that the content locker shares.

Purchase Price: For one site license $60, professional $240 and multi-website $95.

#4. Shareaholic

That is the second smartest option that empowers users to not only add sharing buttons but also to monetize using the same.

In addition, it enables the admin to showcase associated content recommendations towards the end of each post.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

The tool comes along with social analytics like characteristics which are helpful and very intriguing and affiliate linking.

Its dashboard panel is really simple to use, and now it holds over numerous installs that are active.

Yes, it is compatible with the latest WordPress variant. The truth is, it is constantly kept updated.

  • You have the ability to establish posting frequency
  • On the post that is individual, you may create a custom message for more engagement
  • You can set different rules for each social network
  • For shortening and tracking the URL you can also use
  • This plugin automatically pulls the featured image for more number of clicks.

#5. Share Buttons by Add to any

This can be another innovative plug-in for incorporating social network share buttons.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

The reason I used the word innovative, is because this plug-in comes along with tons of customization choices. Share Buttons by AddToAny will allow you add open sharing buttons on your website.

Also, AddToAny lets you add 100+ sharing buttons over. In addition, there are plenty of positioning alternatives.

Among the greatest options that come with this plug-in is that it’s going to enable you to monitor your social network sharing using Google Analytics.

#6. Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux is a premium plugin which is sold for only $14 at Codecanyon.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

I like this plug-in because it is trendy and looks appealing. It uses CSS and light javascript to display the button so it is quite lightweight. It does not use iFrame which helps with quicker page load.

You will find five positioning alternatives for the ultimate social Deux social buttons. They are able to be placed at the top or bottom of every post, at the top or bottom of the page, or they are able to float.

It’s possible for you to select between horizontal and vertical layouts, and set alignment – right, center, or left – for social media buttons that are flat. You may also exclude buttons as required.

#7. Easy Social share buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is perhaps the most feature-packed plugin I Have ever run into.

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

You get access to visual layouts for starters and a broad variety of positioning options.

In addition, there are plenty of customization choices for the layouts that are visual and the plug-in supports lots of social networks.

You’ll be able to manually put social share buttons, set share counts to be displayed along with lots of other features following a number you’re choosing.

  • Support for 45+ social networks.
  • 22 different places to add your share buttons.
  • 40+ built-in templates.
  • 6 complete counter positions and 11 counter positions.
  • Social fans widgets & counter.
  • Popups and fly-ins to support social shares.
  • Customizable button text.
  • Assembled in social share metrics
  • Supports any custom post types.
  • Compatible with Woo Commerce, JigoShop, WP electronic commerce and Simple Digital.

#8. SumoMe

8 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

This isn’t your common WordPress plugin.

SumoMe is a package of programs and applications made to help to grow your traffic. While these apps can be used by you with any website that supports HTML, they will have a specific WordPress plugin helping to make set-up incredibly simple.

The application allows you to add social sharing buttons is called “Share”, and it performs brilliantly.

  • Supports an extensive variety of services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, more and WhatsApp.
  • Simple-to-use interface.
  • Customize the size of your share buttons.
  • A tremendous number of options for positioning of share buttons.

Cost: Free. You can upgrade to unlock advanced features on this and all other SumoMe apps starting at $20/month (paid annually).

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Social media marketing is an inevitable part of any website. If your site is on WordPress platform the good thing is, the choices are virtually endless.

There is an enormous number of plugins for social sharing that may bring to your website in a difference.

However, you need to select your choice very wisely. It’s okay to pay a couple of dollars as you get an excellent design, characteristics, and routine upgrade and choose a superior quality plugin.

Everyone has different perspectives on what is great and what is not in regards to social network sharing.

I expect the article has been helpful and you found the right social sharing plugin for your WordPress blog.

Please remember to share this post on social network sites with friends and family!

If you are using any plugins, and want to urge them to other bloggers, website administrators, feel free to let me know via the comments section below.

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  • I am a big fan of the Mashare and the GetSocial Social Sharing Bottons for their easy set up and many options for networks and style. For active social sharing of my posts I use the Blog2Social plugin. It has powerful options for cross-promoting your posts to all popular social media networks in one single step, with optionally customized posts for each network and an automatic scheduler. With this plugin I save a lot of time for promoting my social media posts across various social networks.

    • Hey Marina,

      Just checked Blog2Social plugin and yes it is worth mentioning. It offers post formatting for each social share in a single page that is one of the best time-saving features in it. Thanks for sharing it here Marina.

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