While it is true that reverse image search engine exists and aren’t that well known, it is also true that it exists both for the phone as well as the PC. Thus, if you don’t have a PC around you, you can very well use the reverse image search app on your Smartphone. Don’t know which ones to use? Here are the best apps for Reverse Image Search in Smartphones :–

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For Android:

Google Goggles

It goes without saying that since this app is from Google, it is better than a lot of other apps in the market. It definitely comes up with the best possible results.


Reverse Image Search

This is also a wonderful app for the android users. However, the accuracy of the app is far lesser than Google Goggles. You can upload images from your library in order to create an image search on this app.


Search by Image

As the name suggests, this app lets you search using an image instead of using text. It is fairly effective.


For iPhone:


While iPhone has very few reverse image search apps, veracity is the most popular one. It will match results in absolutely no time and it easily allows you to upload images from anywhere on your phone. While the app is free, it has a $2 upgrade that doesn’t do anything more than removing ads.


For Windows:

The Reverse Image Search App works best on the Windows platform. While it is available for both Android and iPhone too, the Windows phone usually gets ignored by the developers and the users are then left to look for the best alternative. The Reverse Image Search App, in this case, is indeed the best possible alternative for Windows phone users.

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