Watching good programming work always attracts people, but becoming a professional programmer is not an easy job for everyone.

The basic learning of programming will explain you everything about your future scope in programming. The basic of programming is C and C++ languages.

I also started learning to program once but at that time there were not so sufficient resources for me to learn expect some limited textbooks. At that time I found myself difficult with learning programming and I quit.

But I don’t want anyone else to skip learning programming for the same reason. So here I am sharing some very useful resources to help you start learning to program, started with the basic languages C and C++.

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While learning to program the only thing will help you most by doing programs practically about everything you read or learn. The more you try doing it practically the better you will understand.

Best Shortlisted Resources in the form of Courses, Tutorials, Books etc. for C/C++

General questions asked about C/C++


Good Read (C/C++)


For C Language:

Recommended Books:

Recommended Tutorials (free):


For C++ Language:

Recommended Books:

Recommended Tutorials (free):


Wish you a happy learning with all above mention links. After many deep searching, I have shortlisted some best collection out there based on the learner’s reviews and from many Q&As websites. I have shortlisted a handful of above learning resources for you now it’s your turn to go through all of them and become a professional programmer.

We would love to hear from you or if you have some other resources to be considered kindly share under the comment section.

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