5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

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5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress BlogOne of the best features we like in WordPress is author bio box. It helps readers to find more articles written by the same author.

The second thing we do after reading a perfectly written content is checking out the author bio of the article and other articles written by the author.

Yes! I do it a lot. I sometimes try to contact the author if any social profile is provided.

Author bio box is nothing but a box at the bottom of each post in WordPress website which provides short bio information about the author of that article.

You can think of it as “About Us” of any website or company but instead of the company, it will tell about the author. Author Box gets all the information from author profile only including gravatar, short bio, links to social media profiles or a link to a website.

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Here is 5 Author Bio Box for WordPress which can be helpful for you:

#1. Simple Author Box

5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Some will argue that Simple Author Box is the best plugin for adding author boxes in WordPress. The author boxes created by this plugin are responsive as well as highly customizable. They can include the author’s name, gravatar, bio, social media icons, basically anything you desire.

With Simple Author Box, an author box can be shown everywhere or just on specific post types, guest authors and co-authors can be credited, link behavior can be controlled, among other things.

The plugin comes in two versions, a free and a pro one, so it is suitable for people with different needs and budgets. What’s more, thanks to its easy setup and templates, even beginners will use it without any issues.


#2. Fanciest Author Box

5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Fanciest Author Box is the premium version of the Fancier Author Box created by ThematoSoup. It includes all the features of Fancier Author Box like integrating all major social media networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.). In this plugin you can add job title, company, short description, social media icons and the plugin will automatically display your gravatar and recent posts also.

One of the most interesting features of Fanciest Author Box that it gives you the freedom of choosing a position to put your author bio on your website. You can select where to appear your author bio like on posts or pages etc. Through this plugin, you can also change colors of every element present in your author bio be it tabs, borders and backgrounds.

By using methods like widget, template tag and shortcode, Fanciest Author Box is able to provide the facility of placing author box anywhere and the color scheme is been possible due to the use of technology like the retina-ready plugin.


#3. Starbox- the Author Box for Humans

5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Starbox features a very attractive design which aims at creating author box for humans. Starbox is a powerful plugin and serves the purpose very well, it also supports various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc. This helps in linking an author’s profile with his or her social media platforms.

Starbox is full of beautiful themes, so if you don’t like its default look then you can easily switch to other attractive themes. This plugin is also provided with Google’s Microformats support which means it will display brief extracts in the Google search results.


#4. Author Bio Box

5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Many people want author box with many facilities but some people just want author box to serve the purpose and if you are one of them then Author Bio Box is the best plugin for you. It includes and provides all the basic options that you need in any author box.

Author Bio Box will let you add various social media platforms, change the color scheme, set and adjust your gravatar. This plugin is very straightforward and also simple to use.


#5. WP About Author

5 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

WP About Author is one of the most simple author bio box plugin that let you add your social media platforms with their respective icons.

This plugin also offers a large range of customization, it allows you to change the border style, size and shape of your gravatar and most importantly color scheme of your background. It let you choose between displaying social media platforms or simple text links.

WP About Author can link bio boxes to all the pages including RSS feed, archives etc. This plugin also allows you to upload your gravatar and then connecting it to the Simple Local Gravatar Plugin.

Wrapping Up

I hope you are using an author bio box in your WordPress blog. Or if somehow you skipped installing an author box into your blog, I recommend you to get one. These days author box are not just for backlinks but it can attract readers to read more articles from the same author. Many guest authors liked to get a featured bio box in their guest posts. It helps them to get more exposures and build a reputation among content writing industry.

Other WordPress Plugins:

Would you like to try out these author bio plugins? Do share your experience with us using the comment section below. Or if you want to share any other plugin you think should deserve to be shared. You can mention it in your comment.

At last, before picking any author bio box plugin, think what features you want to be in your author box and how do you want it to help your readers and contributors.

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