How To Ask Google To Recrawl & Reindex Your website URLs

Do you update your outdated old blog posts?

If No, you should be doing this to maintain your SERP ranking. Readers don’t like to read old outdated content so do the Google. So Google always gives more preference to an updated version of content so that reader gets the right information.

If Yes, do you request Google to recrawl your updated version of an old blog post? You may not know about it but it’s pretty simple to do this. With this Google will go through your updated version of content and index it for Google search results.

Ask Google to recrawl your website URLs

Moreover, updating your old blog posts could get you better ranking in the search engine search results.

You can ask Google to re-crawl and re-index your website URLs. It could be a website page or blog posts.

There are actually two options to do this:

First one is to use “Fetch as Google” option within your Webmaster Tools (Recommended option).

Let’s start with a step by step guide to use this option to request Google to recrawl.

STEP 1: You need to register on and sign in.

STEP 2: Now add and verify your site in Webmaster tools.

STEP 3: Select the property you want to request for.

STEP 4: On the right side menu, click Crawl >> Fetch as Google.

How To Ask Google To Recrawl & Reindex Your Updated Old Blog Posts

STEP 5: Type in the URL that you want Google to crawl and index. Click Fetch

STEP 6: Now you have to “request indexing.

STEP 7: Make your selection “crawl only this URL” or “crawl this URL and its direct links.” (Recommended the second option)

Ask Google To Reindex Your Old Blog Posts

It’s done now.

In above submit methods the second option is recommended because Google will make a deep crawl through all those pages linked to that URL. Google also has a monthly limit for Fetch as Google option.

  • Single URL crawl has 500 URL submission limit per month.
  • Multiple URL crawl has 10 URL submission limit per month.

As I have mentioned above in this article, there are two options to request Google to recrawl your website or to submit URL for Google indexing.

The second option is to submit URL to Google using this it is a bit slower approach than the previous one and not recommended by many experts.

So I suggest you request Google to recrawl and reindexing your URLs using the Webmaster Tools only.

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  • There is a link that I have been using to submit most of my post when published. It indexes my post instantly. I guess the link can also be used to reindex post quickly. Thank you

    • That link is already added as a second option to submit URL to Google for indexing.

  • thanks a lot, for sharing such kind of information. I am using webmaster from last two years and did not know much as you described above. It will really help me at some point of my life.

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