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5 Best Podcast Tools To Create Your Own Podcast From Scratch

First and foremost, I wish to share few of the podcast statistics that will blow your mind,

  • Over 30 million active blogs on the Internet, but there are only 200,000 active podcasts.
  • 88% of podcast listeners that subscribe to your podcast will listen to every episode.
  • Podcasts reach an equal number of men as women and are most popular with the 18-54 age groups.

Podcasts are the best way to reach the nonreader customers, whether they’re not reading due to their personal preference or because of the nature of their hectic lifestyle. By podcasting the content – your customers can listen in the car, at the gym, at the desk.

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7 Best Video Editing Software & Tools For Beginners

7 Best Video Editing Software & Tools For Beginners

The days are gone when developing a short film was considered as the work of the technical professionals. Over the years, the landscape of video editing has transformed and reached to a new level. The technology has created some incredible applications which can be purchased by the new users for just a few bucks a month or for no cost at all.

Here we will tell you about the top 7 best video editing software & tools for beginners which are suitable for beginners.

  1. Avidemux


It is a basic software but has some of the most innovative features. Avidemux will give the users access to basic editing tools and comes with features such as easy clip splicing, host of filters and much more. Through these features, the users can clean their videos instantly and hassle-free. It consists of robust editing tools, which ensures that the videos have a professional touch. The software also has an additional feature named extensive online Wiki through which beginners can learn about editing tips.

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  1. Ulead VideoStudio

    Ulead VideoStudio

Ulead VideoStudio is considered as one of the favorite software among the digital video editors. This software is easy to use and allows the users to convert the captured video into DVD movies quickly. It features tons of stylish effects, audio and transition tools to make a creative video. The other exciting features of this video editing software are Chroma Key, DVD motion menus, Video Pan & Zoom.


  1. Final Cut Studio

    Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Studio is the perfect option for the users looking a software for the Mac computers. The users can use special effects features to create animated effects on the go. It is a consumer-friendly software coming with lots of brilliant features to make a high-quality video.


  1. Window Movie Maker

    Window Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker is most common video editing software which comes inbuilt with all the Windows operating system. The users can take several shots together. They can use every shot and even add music to it. All the files will be saved in the .WMA format and users can convert them to a file extension of their choice by using the third party video converters.

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  1. Lightworks


It is one of the best video editing programs available in the market featuring a packed timeline, real-time video effects, trimming tools and a beautiful user interface. This software has been used to make some of the popular motion pictures. Lightworks is incredibly fast and easy to use software.


  1. Roxio Creator NXT

    Roxio Creator NXT

Roxio Creator NXT is a stand-alone product, which is more than just a video editing tool. It is a digital creative suite featuring lots of tools to edit video, images, audio and much more. The users can also have access to thousands of transitions, themes, and effects for creating a brilliant video.


  1. Muvee Auto Producer

    Muvee Auto Producer

Muvee Auto is one of the favorite video editing tools among the beginners. The users can complete a movie project by following some simple steps. They can start with capturing some raw video from a digital camcorder and choose an MP3 background music and pick a style of their choice. They can further give it a professional look with the soundtrack, scene transitions, opening titles and end credits.


The users can select any of the above-mentioned video editing software. We can assure that these tools will satisfy all their needs for a long time to come. Have a try and enjoy professional video editing.

6 Free Online Tools To Create Awesome Pictures And Memes For Your Blog And Social Media

Images are vital for the blog and social media. Using images on your blog posts considered being good according to the SEO friendly blogging tips. 

It will make your blog post attractive thus making it more popular among the visitors. For bloggers who are keen to create their own unique designs and fresh featured images having their blog post’s title in it, should try out given online tools under this article.

The bloggers who are using images in their content should think of searching for tools that are convenient to use for the content plan. If you are unable to find the perfect tools for creating pictures there are a wide range of online tools that are obtainable for your blog and social media.

Given below are 6 best free online tools to create pictures and memes for your blog and social media.

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Meme Generator

Meme generator is the most actively utilized meme creation tool. It is a free online image maker that lets you customize resizable text or images and is the first online meme generator. It works in HTML if sustained so the images are made rapidly.

Meme Generator

Generally, people use the generator to add text captions to create memes. By using meme generator you can add your own images to make custom memes or select from the templates that are available. After the meme has been created one can either save it or share it with your friends.



Pic Monkey is a group of qualified professionals and in addition to that one monkey who believes that the greatest competition is the last release. Pic monkey has creative tools for photo editing and graphic design. It is widely used to create visual content graphical images for blogs and social media share

Pic Monkey makes it convenient to make collages that are used for design Facebook covers or holiday cards. This feature lets you combine and arranging images in various sizes and shapes providing present layouts for Pinterest and Facebook.

Pic monkey has a collection of frames to choose from once you’re editing. Some of the choices consist of are rounded corners, photo corners or drop shadow.


Canva is a tool loaded with sufficient effortless features and functionality that anyone can make a variety of engaging content that gets shared. It is a free and cheap tool. Users can upload their images and make use of Canva’s free elements comprising of many fonts and colors that are obtainable on the internet.


It is convenient to use photo editor where you can change the look of the image by using settings that consist of filters, tint, brightness etc.

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Fotor is an online photo editing tool that uses technology that is exclusive. Fotor’s increasing user base is included hundreds of millions of users across the globe.


In the beginning, Fotor got a lot of regard with its optimized and desktop suite for both Windows and Mac that is approachable to the users. Fotor also helps every single major mobile and desktop platform from Android to iOS, with a specified ‘Fotor for Messenger’ version.

Fotor offers users a variety of stickers to meet the photo requirement. This consists of basic shapes, special icons, and stickers that are drawn by hand.



Recite tool lets users change any quote into a Pinterest –worthy image in just a few seconds. For this users have to type in the quote first. After that scroll through the bottom most section below to find the design they like the greatest. Once this is done, users should post the chosen design directly to Pinterest from Recite’s site.

Recite provides quote templates, pre-formatted with fonts, a layout of text and colors. If you cannot think of a good quote or don’t want to be concerned finding for one just use Recite’s find a quote feature to begin.

Top 5 Email Marketing Softwares, Tools & Services

There are a large number of services out there but email marketing has somehow managed to stay in vogue.

However, the right kind of marketing is what matters.

If you can target the right kind of audience, email marketing is a great tool.

In order to share your newsletter, you need to send an email. In order to share your press release, you need to send an email. In fact, you also need to email your clients for updates regarding your business.

Hence, email marketing is an extremely important tool. You can establish important relationships with your customers with the email marketing tool.

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

There are a large number of services like push notifications, RSS feeds that let you send newsletters to your subscribers.

These apps have a large number of features and other things but they aren’t bereft of shortcomings.

Needless to say, your benefits depend on what tool you are using and what money you are spending and also, what your requirements are….

Is your current service, apps or tools getting you any leads on your targeted audience?

If the answer is NO. You may need to scroll down for email marketing solution.


Check out these other Email Marketing Resources you may find helpful to grow your business:


Here are top 5 email marketing tools and software that you can make the best use of –

1. Mailchimp

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

If you are looking forward to a tool that lets you not only send emails but also collect statistics, MailChimp is a good option.

For, it lets you analyze your performance and then, makes it easier for you to make the next business decision.

It also has a dashboard that imports lists on its own, creates campaigns as well as tracks progress.

It also helps you in building a decent audience. You can also link your marketing campaign with Google Analytics for better insights.

Other than that, there is an option to interlink social media with your MailChimp profile and keep them updated. It is free for around 2000 subscribers and charges money after that. However, it is worth its salt.

2. Get Response

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

This app has a free 30 day trial period and it allows you to decide whether it is good enough for you or not in those 30 days.

It also lets you design your email so that it is attractive enough. You should try out its A/B testing feature too.

It has a large number of features and the best part is that it lets you import images from FLICKR and facebook. It’s PayPal ready.

You can schedule your emails and you don’t have to come ahead and do it time and again. It allows you import all your twitter and facebook contacts, which is a big plus for any business doing well on social media.

You can track your performance reports in chart forms which will help you decide the further course of your campaign.

At $15/mo, it lets you send unlimited emails to around a 1000 contacts. That is definitely a decent email marketing package.

3. AWeber

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

The tool is extremely flexible and it has a very large number of templates.

Thus, it lets you design beautiful emails in no time. This is very helpful for a person who has no experience in designing.

You can send an auto response to all your customers and can integrate with the shopping cart.

This also allows you to build your own kind of marketing tool or app on its platform. It lets you send unlimited emails to about 500 subscribers and has a money back guarantee plan of $19.

Not a bad deal, is it?

4. Litmus

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

One of the best features about this is easy testing. It lets you test in a very large number of formats and decide your next course of action accordingly.

Hence, once your campaign is live, you can be really confident about it which is a great point in their favor. It gives you details such as –

  • Stats
  • Time spent
  • Number of clicks

It is free to use for a week and chargeable after that.

5. Reach Mail

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

Reach Mail also has quite a few templates and it also provides you with designers who will make custom templates for you.

Other than that, it has a testing feature and a metric that counts up to 5 campaigns.

It gives you the number of clicks of each email so that you can figure out which campaign was the best and use it for a larger audience.

It will cost you about $10 to $70.

Wrapping Up:

So, I hope you find what you were looking for.

All the above-listed tools are used by top marketers and they are trying different email marketing strategies using these tools only.

I hope you have a plan how to get a good use of them. Do let me know about your marketing strategies and if you have any other tool to suggest for the list, share with us using the comment section below.

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Top 5 HR Tools & Online Resources For Every HR Professional

All of us are always looking for career advice or ways to better our communication skills. We want to work in a better environment and do better for ourselves all the time.

However, it is a well-known fact that businesses have problems of their own and it isn’t easy to manage the employees effectively. In order to do so, you need to have the right kind of tools.

The business environment and management of employees are largely dependent on the HR team and the HR team needs good tools to function well.

Here are top 5 HR tools & online resources for every HR professional




It helps you review the performance of your employees irrespective of the size of your company. It also cancels out a lot of challenges. It lets you rate the performance of employees through various scales so you can easily measure where your employees need improvement.

2. Zenefits


It is an extremely popular tool among HRs. You can track the various facilities and their utilisation through this app. It has a free version and a paid version that you can use but the free version seems to be more than sufficient.

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3. 15Five


It is an online survey that helps you avoid long report writing and reading. Thus, you can improvise productivity and increase the speed of things as well. Moreover, fewer reports mean happier employees and happier managers. This will obviously contribute to a happier office environment.

4. Harvest


Harvest lets you track the number of hours an employee puts into each project and this is for both staff as well as freelancers that may have been hired. The tool can also be used as a mobile app and hence, if you are working outside of the office, then also you can log time and can be kept track of.

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5. Smartsheet


Getting your priorities right isn’t always easy but Smartsheet helps you do that very easily. In case an employ logs in and updates, you also receive notifications of the same. Thus, it is a good app when you wish to balance workload and prioritise the tasks of yourselves, your office and your employees.

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