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10 Must Have Apps For Android Device To Make Your Life More Convenient

10 Essential Apps For Your Android Phone

Smartphones aren’t always bad devices.

A lot of times, they help you accomplish things that would have been extremely difficult otherwise. Sometimes, they considerably cut down on time.

However, do you know that your android device can also help you live a better and easier life? Here are 10 must-have apps for an android device that will make life more convenient –


1. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga

Play Store Link

This app allows you to practice yoga at home and you don’t have to deal with the pressure of catching up with the rest of the class. All you have to do is place a mat, station your phone somewhere you can see it like a TV and let the app guide you through different yoga sessions. There is a total of 27 sessions in this app and each session has a different level of difficulty or duration. The app also comes with a dictionary of poses that details you intricately about each pose.

Video instructions of over 200 poses are enough to keep you occupied for a whole year. Moreover, the dictionary also lists down how each post is beneficial. You have to unlock each environment as you go on progressing and this is an immensely interesting feature. If you are unsure about the correctness of your pose, then you can preview a practice session very quickly.

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Unsure whether you can stick to your routine? Well, this app tracks your record. Wondering where the expertise came from? The app has been filled with content by immensely experienced yoga instructors. Do not like the music that is playing? Well, the music from your music library can take you through.

2. Dream days

Play Store Link

This app is like a better version of the calendar. It will help you with important dates, occasions, and trips with customised feelers. You can also add a background to a particular event while recording your voice. All of this can easily be shared with your friends on social media.

Don’t we all like a countdown now? It has a few categories of its own such as birthdays, school trip, life etc. and you can very well add a new category if these don’t fit your needs. You can also record your thoughts through a voice memo and choose a background for a particular event.

Yes, it comes with Push notifications and if you are planning a surprise or keeping something private, there can also be PIN protection.

3. Smart Alarm Clock

Play Store Link

This app helps you sleep well through its artificial intelligence. Its alarm clock monitors your sleep cycles and ensures that you wake up on time.

However, it doesn’t harshly wake you up at any time; it wakes you up when you are relaxed and ready to wake up.

The app can be used on any Android device. The working of the app is really simple. It will sense your sleeping patterns such as deep sleep, dream sleep etc. and wake you up when you are relaxed and ready to be woken up.

It also gives you intimate details of your sleeping patterns.

4. OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me

Play Store Link

As the name suggests, this app lets you find nearby restaurants, helps you view menus and make reservations.

It also helps you earn rewards on your meals. There are benefits that come with using this app and it is only wise to avail them. All you have to do is install the app and reserve a table wherever and whenever you like.

If you are a frequent diner, then this is the app for you. It also has perks of its own. It will help you reserve from thousands of restaurants and you can easily customise the type of restaurant you want. You also get reward points that will help you save money on your next reservation. You can also cancel, change or repeat book a restaurant very easily. In fact, you can also pay using your phone.

If all your friends are on Open Table, you can simply send them an invitation, chat and share experiences there. Moreover, this app helps you book a restaurant in any part of the world.

5. Feedly


Play Store Link

So you want to be updated but only about specific genres or from specific publications?

Well, Feedly lets you customise your updates. It will also help you find new sources from where you may want to receive updates. Feedly has over a million users connected to various blogs and news websites.

Whether you want business updates or design updates, Feedly will help you through it all. You can read all of it and keep away from the other spam you wouldn’t like to read. Simply add any RSS feed to it and stay up to date. Yes, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and a bunch of social media channels to make life twice as easier for you. Now, you can share whatever you like in no time.

6. Google Drive

Play Store Link

Google Drive is more or less a self-explanatory app. It lets you store all your files, videos, photos, documents etc. You can also share these files with others and invite them there to comment on your files and folders. It has enough privacy settings that let you decide who can and who cannot view your file.

7. PicsArt Photo Studio

Play Store Link

There are a large number of photo editing apps out there but this one without a shade of doubt stands out.

It lets you make collages, capture new images, draw as well as communicate. You don’t have to be a professional of the same. You can easily create, draw etc. on pictures using this app.

The best part is that this app has a global community consisting of creative people. It also has a centurion of photo editing tools along with some filters and effects. It allows you to easily share your photo art on social media and hence, is an all-inclusive app.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate

Play Store Link

This app can translate an almost all languages through typing, camera, speech, finger drawing etc. You can also download a language app while you are travelling so that you aren’t lost in translation.

It also allows you to favourite mark translations and save them for later. You can also take pictures of the text and then allow the app to translate it if camera translation isn’t available. While there are a lot of languages that Google Translate yet has to cover, it has done a wonderful job so far.

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9. Evernote


Play Store Link

Evernote easily helps you take down and organise your notes. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to organise your notes.

All you have to do is, write! It lets you take notes in whatever format you want. You can very easily use text, photo, and audio or pdf format.

You can also use your camera to scan papers and then make notes on them. You can also externally attach pdf or office files. It helps your organise your bills etc. It synchronises all your data and hence, your notes stay with you forever. Of course, you can share all your notes very easily.

10. Inbox by Gmail

Play Store Link

Not always do inboxes make life easy for you but Gmail is definitely an exception. It helps you keep everything organised and well in order and also helps you retrieve lost data easily. It bundles similar messages, sends you reminders, snoozes at the right time and lets you search and work with the Gmail inbox.

How To Transfer Data From Android To iOS Device

How To Transfer Data From Android To IOS Device

Gone are the days when changing smartphone meant losing the entire data. It is either synchronized with your email address or transfer is so easy, it is a breeze. If you are still transferring data manually, then you surely don’t know what your smartphone can do. As with iPhone, the cloud syncing facility ensures that you almost never lose your data. However, if you are switching from Android to iOS, it doesn’t mean that you shall have to lose all your data. There are still ways through which you can save your data.

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Before you begin, ensure that you are logged into your Android through a Google account.

Method 1

If your contacts are linked to your email account, then all you have to do is, synchronize your contacts with Google.

Once you are done synchronizing, add your Google Account to your iPhone and you are good to go.


Method 2

If you aren’t satisfied with the synchronization and wish to be doubly sure, then after you have added your Google account, go to your contacts and select ‘Add CardDav Account.’ 

With this method you can also edit, add, and remove contacts from your device. Fill in the details, select as your server.

Ensure that you enter your Gmail address under the Username tab. Goes without saying that you will be entering your Gmail password. Once this is done, choose next from the top right-hand corner of the iPhone screen to start synchronizing.

Step-by-Step for Method 2:
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Click Add Account.
  • Select Google.
  • Fill in all the account details required such asname, username, password, description.
  • Click Next.
  • And “Save“. Done!!

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Method 3

If the SIM card you are going to use on Apple is similar to the SIM card you used on Android, then you are in for a lot of luck.

Ensure that all your contacts are on your SIM card and once you have inserted the SIM in your iPhone, select Import SIM contacts only.


Method 4 – 

Copy My Data

This should be your last resort. You can use apps such as Copy My Data or Transfer my Data to get the needful done.

iOS Android

Lastly, you will also want all the music and apps from your Android on your iPhone. It is difficult to get the two.

However what you can do is, add your Android music folder to the iTunes library. After you have done that, sync the folder with your iTunes library and you are good to go.

Apps being the most difficult part as you will have to manually download everything from the App store. However, once you login using your email, you should be back to your old settings.

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Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone

Top hardest thing when you switch from android to iPhone. If you had bought an app on google play store you will have to buy it on iTunes too. This is the bad side of the story. The good thing of this story is you can find your customized setting on every app after login.

Best Apps For Reverse Image Search In Smartphones

While it is true that reverse image search engine exists and aren’t that well known, it is also true that it exists both for the phone as well as the PC. Thus, if you don’t have a PC around you, you can very well use the reverse image search app on your Smartphone. Don’t know which ones to use? Here are the best apps for Reverse Image Search in Smartphones :–

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For Android:

Google Goggles

It goes without saying that since this app is from Google, it is better than a lot of other apps in the market. It definitely comes up with the best possible results.


Reverse Image Search

This is also a wonderful app for the android users. However, the accuracy of the app is far lesser than Google Goggles. You can upload images from your library in order to create an image search on this app.


Search by Image

As the name suggests, this app lets you search using an image instead of using text. It is fairly effective.


For iPhone:


While iPhone has very few reverse image search apps, veracity is the most popular one. It will match results in absolutely no time and it easily allows you to upload images from anywhere on your phone. While the app is free, it has a $2 upgrade that doesn’t do anything more than removing ads.


For Windows:

The Reverse Image Search App works best on the Windows platform. While it is available for both Android and iPhone too, the Windows phone usually gets ignored by the developers and the users are then left to look for the best alternative. The Reverse Image Search App, in this case, is indeed the best possible alternative for Windows phone users.

Top Tinder Alternatives : 7 Best Apps Like Tinder

7 Best Apps Like Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app at the moment. While Tinder is an excellent app, it does have a few disadvantages. It isn’t a bad idea to continue using Tinder; however, it is always great to have alternatives.

Here are few most popular Dating Apps :–

1. Bumble


Bumble is strikingly similar to Tinder except that it has a separate colour scheme and that it only allows the woman to initiate a chat and not the man.

iOS Android


2. Down


Again, this app is also strikingly similar to Tinder except that it lets you stay anonymous.

iOS Android

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3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app was kicked off by 3 sisters and has a large number of women on it. This app sends you a match every single day based on your profile and interests.

iOS Android


4. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

This one, often nicknamed as POF is one of the most popular dating site for those who are serious about finding a match. It is advisable that you get a premium membership on this one.

iOS Android


5. Hinge


This is also alike Tinder except that it doesn’t randomly match your profile. The accuracy of matches on Hinge is much higher than that on Tinder. It also allows you to chat with a person continuously.

iOS Android

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6. OK Cupid

OK Cupid

Often nicknamed as OKC, the website has more than enough unique visitors and its features are similar to that of Tinder except for the fact that it allows you to chat with people who haven’t liked your profile.

iOS Android


7. Happn


This one comes from the land of romance – France. It is an interesting concept. If two people are using happn and are often crossing paths, then happn will let you know of the same. It is available across all platforms.

iOS Android

Top 6 Data Recovery Software For Your Android Devices

So, did you happen to accidentally lose your android smartphone? It is indeed a sad thing. For, apart from the fact that you have lost a lot of money, you have also lost a lot of data. Here is how you can get all your data back. Here are a few apps that will help you scan and restore data –

FonePaw iOS Android Data Recovery

FonePaw iOS Android Data Recovery

FonePaw is one of the best Data Recovery Tools as of now. It will help you retrieve –

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Audios
  • Text messages including deleted ones
  • Call logs

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iCare Best Data Recovery Software For Android Devices

It is a favourite with the users given that it is free of both, cost as well as hassles. It is useful in recovering data from hard drives (both internal and external).With it you can easily scan, preview and recover all your deleted/lost files without any cost to pay.


Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

It is one of the best recovery software ever. It will recover everything from call logs to whatsapp notes. It is compatible with nearly all kinds of android devices and hence, is usable. If your data was lost due to one of the following reasons, then it will recover that data very easily –

  • Virus
  • Accidental deleting
  • Format or reboot
  • Updating without backup

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

It is apparently the first ever android data recovery tool in the world. Nearly all the android phones and tablets depend on this tool for their recovery. While it helps you recover nearly everything, it also allows you to select everything you want to review. So, if you don’t want to recover a select few messages, you sure have the freedom to do so.


Undeleter Recover Files

Undeleter Best Data Recovery Software For Android Devices

It will help you to temporary restore any kind of file you like on the cloud. It is very easy to use and you can customise your options without a lot of difficulties. However, one major drawback of this software is that it will not help you restore your text messages and contact list.


MyJad Android Data Recovery

MyJad Android Data Recovery

This will recover almost everything that was stored in your SD card. It is also helpful and user friendly which is a major add-on. Sadly though, it will not recover internal memory of your android phone. Also, it takes a little while to install and uninstall this software.

8 Essential Traveling Apps For Travel Junkies

One of the best things about travelling alone is that you get the entire package delivered at your doorstep. You have to do absolutely nothing. The travel agency takes care of everything for you.

However, planning your own trip is its own kind of fun. Once you have planned your own tour, you will never ever rely on package tours.

Here are a few apps that will help you travel solo

8 Essential Traveling Apps For Travel Junkies


It will help you save cash on airfare to quite an extent. So, it’ll crawl through the zillion airfare companies across the world and let you know what is the best time to buy cheap airfare tickets. It also has a ‘watch a flight’ option for your specified destinations. So, you can keep watching flight rates for that particular destination and purchase it on that particular day.



The listings on Airbnb are extensive. You will have everything from a mattress in the house to a whole room in a guest house. There is no other website as deep as Airbnb when it comes to listings.

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Google Translate

If you are having trouble understanding the local language, then Google Translate is your best bet. You may get some silly translations from Google but use your human brain to understand what Google is trying to tell you. Club it with a few hand gestures and you are in for excellent communication.


Travel List

While it is true that travelling requires a lot of packing, and it is easy to forget essential items. Hence, it is essential to have an app that shows Travel List which will list down all the items that are needed to make your travel.

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This is one of the best apps for travelling if you want to stay away from surprises. It will give you a bunch of reviews from a large number of travelers and it will also give you a large number of options of user ratings among other things.



TripIt is an app that lists down an itinerary for your trip. It narrows down your options and corresponds it to your calendar. Thus, it makes travelling a cakewalk.



It isn’t enough to get to your destination. Eating local food is one of the many pleasures of travelling. Therefore, you can go around and eat some local flavours using this app. It’ll help you spot the best local food ever.

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While sightseeing is a good idea, you often miss the local flavors of a place. In order to feel the authenticity of a place like a local, you will have to ask the locals. Yes, most locals are on localeur.

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