8 Essential Traveling Apps For Travel Junkies

One of the best things about travelling alone is that you get the entire package delivered at your doorstep. You have to do absolutely nothing. The travel agency takes care of everything for you.

However, planning your own trip is its own kind of fun. Once you have planned your own tour, you will never ever rely on package tours.

Here are a few apps that will help you travel solo

8 Essential Traveling Apps For Travel Junkies


It will help you save cash on airfare to quite an extent. So, it’ll crawl through the zillion airfare companies across the world and let you know what is the best time to buy cheap airfare tickets. It also has a ‘watch a flight’ option for your specified destinations. So, you can keep watching flight rates for that particular destination and purchase it on that particular day.



The listings on Airbnb are extensive. You will have everything from a mattress in the house to a whole room in a guest house. There is no other website as deep as Airbnb when it comes to listings.

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Google Translate

If you are having trouble understanding the local language, then Google Translate is your best bet. You may get some silly translations from Google but use your human brain to understand what Google is trying to tell you. Club it with a few hand gestures and you are in for excellent communication.


Travel List

While it is true that travelling requires a lot of packing, and it is easy to forget essential items. Hence, it is essential to have an app that shows Travel List which will list down all the items that are needed to make your travel.

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This is one of the best apps for travelling if you want to stay away from surprises. It will give you a bunch of reviews from a large number of travelers and it will also give you a large number of options of user ratings among other things.



TripIt is an app that lists down an itinerary for your trip. It narrows down your options and corresponds it to your calendar. Thus, it makes travelling a cakewalk.



It isn’t enough to get to your destination. Eating local food is one of the many pleasures of travelling. Therefore, you can go around and eat some local flavours using this app. It’ll help you spot the best local food ever.

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While sightseeing is a good idea, you often miss the local flavors of a place. In order to feel the authenticity of a place like a local, you will have to ask the locals. Yes, most locals are on localeur.

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