7 Great Tools to Get the Most Out of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a another social media website for marketers to promote their products. You can market and showcase your products to a much-targeted set of audience and in a way that is both beautiful and interactive.

7 Great Tools to Get the Most Out of Pinterest Marketing

But as a marketer, I am sure you already have a lot of stuff in hand to do. Taking time out for promoting your product on all the social media websites one by one is really hard. But what good is technology if it doesn’t help in automating a few things?

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In this post, we are going to mention 7 amazing tools that will help you in marketing on Pinterest really easy!

Let’s get started.

#1 Get the Pinterest Mobile apps

What good is your smartphone or tablet if you can’t use them to do something productive while you are on the move?

Get the Pinterest Mobile appsGo ahead and install the Pinterest app on your Android or your iOS device so you can keep an eye on your pins as well as notifications even while you are on the move. Apps for both of these platforms are quite polished and functional so using them will be a great experience.

Download: Android | iOS

#2 Use Buffer App to Schedule your Pins

Buffer is a great way of scheduling and posting your posts on your social media accounts. It also works flawlessly with Pinterest so you can just use Buffer to schedule your Pins to your Pinterest board.

All you need to do is connect your Pinterest account with Buffer and rest will be done in automation!

#3 Try Tailwind to post on Pinterest

Tailwind is a web app that was made just by keeping Pinterest in mind and it is used to post, schedule, monitor and analyze Pins on Pinterest. Tailwind provides a great set of features to a marketer who is targeting Pinterest as a sole platform.

Try Tailwind to post on PinterestTailwind provides best in class analytics for your Pins that you can use to check growth, performance, and many other marketing metrics as well.

Get A Free Month of Tailwind

#4 Use IFTTT to automate some Pinterest magic!

IFTTT stands for If This Then That.

This is a trigger action website from where you can do many tasks using and specifying certain triggers. There is a recipe on IFTTT that you can use to automate posting on your Pinterest board. There is almost 232 recipe for web services connected with IFTTT.

Use IFTTT to automate some Pinterest magicYou can set up IFTTT to post on your Pinterest board every time you post something on your Instagram account. Or it can also share the Pin easily on Facebook if you set it up like that. Just go ahead and browse the recipes related to Pinterest to see what you can go with it. You must try out this interesting tool. It is not an ordinary recipe idea.

#5 Use ViralTag to get some inspiration

If you want some ideas or inspiration to get started with your next marketing campaign, then I suggest you take some time and use ViralTag.

7 Great Tools To Get Most Out of Pinterest MarketingViralTag has the same functionality as compared to Buffer but unlike Buffer, where you have to set up posts for every account separately, you can set one post for all the connected accounts on ViralTag.

#6 Post on Pinterest and other multiple places using Sendible

In case you are running campaigns on various different platforms other than Pinterest, then it is important that you use a tool that supports posting everywhere or else it will take a lot of time to manage all these social media websites.

Post on Pinterest and other multiple places using SendibleYou can use Sendible to post on more than 20 social networks, blogging platforms and bookmarking sites in one go! Sendible will automatically figure out the images to use while posting on Pinterest so you don’t really have to do anything manually.

#7 Use Pinterest’s Browser Buttons

Pinterest has its own set of browser buttons or extensions/add-ons for your web browser as you would like to call it. You can use these buttons and extensions to pin an image to your Pinterest board directly without opening the Pinterest website.

Use Pinterest’s Browser ButtonsThis not only saves time, but it also provides a great and easy way to pin anything you want.

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As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a great social media website with its own advantages and if a marketer uses Pinterest correctly to promote their product, I am sure they can get something great out of all the investments and time they devote on Pinterest marketing.

Let us know if you think any other Pinterest tool worth to be included in this list of marketing tools.



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