7 Best Business Smartphones: Designed to do Business

Smartphones have not only made our lives easier with multiple apps but have also provided a great platform to do business over devices. 20 years ago, no one would have thought that business will be possible through mere cellphones but with the advance in technology, it has become a reality.

There are a substantial number of smartphones that provide a business platform for users. A few of them are spectacular with their working. And I would like to share a suggested shortlisted handful of smartphones for professional business users.


Here are the 7 best business smartphones designed to do business in 2015:

1. Blackberry Passport: Email Heroes

Blackberry Passport: Email HeroesBlackberry has always been a brand for business users. This oddly named Blackberry phone contains a fully stretched QWERTY keyboard which helps the user to get a rapid fire text input. It is equipped with the Blackberry 10 operating system that helps the users keep up with the business pace. The support for business users is also phenomenal in the device. The Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 provides strong security to the business users as it makes sure that all your emails and messages are fully encrypted. The Blackberry Balance feature keeps your work and personal profiles separate on the handset that allows work to control the business side while you can exercise total control over your personal side.


2. Blackberry Classic: Traditional BB Style

Blackberry Classic: Traditional BB StyleBlackberry Classic gives you the vintage blackberry feel. It is quite a good phone for business users. The price of Blackberry Classic is confirmed to be $449 in the US, which is way cheaper than the experts anticipated. The QWERTY keypad of the phone is uniquely angled, which is great sight for a phone lover. Blackberry Classic is certainly one of the best phones for business users currently.


3. BlackBerry Z30: Full Touch Screen Action

BlackBerry Z30: Full Touchscreen ActionBlackberry Z30 is a great improvement from the likes of Blackberry Z10. It is a heavier smartphone that comes with a screen size of 5 inches along with 720p Super AMOLED display equipped with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor. 2GB of RAM makes it easier for the business users to do multiple tasks simultaneously. The 2,880mAh battery makes sure that you never run out on battery while making important business calls.


4. HTC One M8: All Round Greatness

HTC One M8: All Round GreatnessHTC One M8 stands at one of the highest positions when it comes to business related smartphones. Since its launch a year ago, HTC One M8 is faring very well among the business users. The ultra power saving mode of the phone makes sure that you can operate it for hours without having to charge its battery. The additional encryption and mobile device management tools in the phone are especially designed for business customers.


5. iPhone 6: Boardroom Class

iPhone 6: Boardroom ClassiPhone 6 offers new payment mechanisms that are quite useful to the business users. The expansive screen of the device is an improvement from the iPhone 5 franchise. The simplicity and power of iOS completes the features of the phone with excellence. iPhone 6 is definitely one of the best phones for business users.


6. Sony Xperia Z3: Rugged Reliability

Sony Xperia Z3: Rugged ReliabilitySony Xperia Z3 takes the legacy of the Xperia franchise forward on a head high note. The design of the phone looks simplistic and classy at the same time. Its rugged reliability is making it really popular among the business users. There are an ample of features in the device that cater to the needs of business users.


7. Moto X (2014): A Google Love-in

Moto X (2014): A Google Love-inMoto X 2nd gen was released in the year 2014 and since then, it has impressed one and all. A captive screen size of 5.2 inches offers resolution of 1080*1920 pixels, which is handy for the business users. Features such as Geo-tagging, Touch focus, face detection and HDR attract the business users to a great extent.

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