5 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Your Android Device

The new versions of Android allow screen recording. Moreover, with Lollipop, the process of screen recording has become way easier KitKat may get something new to this feature. Now it just feels like recording screencasts on your desktop. It won’t even require rooting your device. It could be helpful to guide someone how to do any task setting; it can also let you to guide someone how to solve setting issues by simply send recorded video to that person. A video guidance is the best way to help. You simply need to launch the app, click on the record button and everything on your screen will thus be recorded and captured as a MPEG-4 video format.


Here are the 5 best screen recorder apps for your Android device:

1. Mirror:Mirror Best Screen Recorder for Android

Mirror is definitely one of the best screen recording apps available in the market. It works simply like a mirror for your phone and reflects it to your desktop using AllCast Receiver, which is basically a free app for Chrome. The settings of Mirror are not too complicated and a novice user can easily enjoy its services.

2. Telicine:Telicine Best Screen Recorder for Android

It is an open source Android screen recorder that comes with a user-friendly interface. A 3 second countdown is displayed in the app and hence, you can find enough time to hide the actual recorder app from the screencast. The recording can also be stopped by simply tapping an invisible zone on your screen. This is way more convenient than tapping the app in notification bar.


3. Shou.TV:Shou.TV Best Screen Recorder for Android

It is another recording app that live casts your phone screen to the desktop without displaying any watermark. It saves videos in a substantial number of formats namely MKV, AVI, MOV and so on. The credibility of this recording app cannot be questioned in the market.


4. Rivulus:Rivulus Best Screen Recorder for Android

Rivulus is another popular video recording app that enables you to record the Android screen in multiple resolution including 1280*720 and 1920*1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. There are simply no ads in this app that makes it even more special. You can record unlimited length of videos in it. It only asks to put its logo icon watermark on the recording video.


5. Rec.:Rec. Best Screen Recorder for Android

Rec. is another incredible video recording app that carries a minimal interface and enables you to save your settings as separate presets. The recording session can be stopped by simply turning off the screen. Recording a video using Rec. is very simple and hassle-free.

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