We all have a lot of questions regarding the algorithms and mechanics of Google. A large number of us have been through the phase where we forgot our administrator

A large number of us have been through the phase where we forgot our administrator password and didn’t know how to log into our phones. You will be surprised to find that Google not just has answers to all your questions about Google but it also has amazing facts to throw at you.

If you do enough digging, you can find these links on Google very easily. What’s more, these facts are really interesting.

15 Important Google URLs Could Be Very Helpful

Here are some important Google links!

  1. Ensure Security!

All of us are worried about phishing and scam. You can easily access each device that has logged into your account along with IP addresses. You can also find their location. It isn’t possible to logout of Google even if you are using it secretively. Your session will be recorded.



  1. See who all have permission to view your Google Account

You might have signed in large numbers of web apps using your Google Account. Now, you might want to take a look at these. This is where you can do the same –



  1. All your passwords are here!

All your usernames and passwords are stored on Google if you have been using chrome or android platform. Want to view them? Well, you can!



  1. Location History

Google servers receive the data of your location, speed and velocity through your Android device. Now, you can, not just view your location history but can also export it. This is the link that you’ll have to use –



  1. Create a Gmail account without logging off the other one!

You don’t have to log out of your old account in order to create a completely new account. You can sign up using the following URL through your old address itself –



  1. Revisit a Search!

Fortunately or unfortunately, everything you search is recorded on Google and YouTube including your audio searches. Not just that, if you have clicked on google ads, then that is recorded as well. However, you will have access to audio searches only if you are using Google Now and not otherwise.

These are the URLs –





  1. Keep all your Google Accounts Active

If you don’t login into your Google Account even once in 9 months, then Google shall terminate your account as per its policed program. If you have too many Gmail accounts, then this can be an issue. Therefore, set up one account as the primary point of contact and now, you will be sent a reminder by Google every few months.



  1. You will always be on the records!

A profile is created by Google based on –

  • What you browse
  • Your Google+
  • Other hints that
  • Google might pick up details from your account and activities

This data is used by Google in order to display relevant ads to you. This is where you can see your data –



  1. Access your Data!

You can, not just access but also export all your data in no time. Yes, the Google ecosystem is public. So, if you are worried about losing everything you have ever owned, this is where you can get it –



  1. Was your content stolen? Now, there is a way out! Rejoice!

So, you have caught your content on another website or blog and are seething in anger? Raise a complaint utilising Google’s DMCA and ensure that your content has been taken off. In fact, you can get entire websites removed from Google if they have been using your content entirely. Here’s where you can raise a complaint –



  1. Get Helped by Real People!

It is definitely one of the best services rendered by Google. If you are in need of help, then you can connect with other people through video calls and they shall help you out on live chat. Isn’t it cool?



  1. Google Alerts

This is slightly common but not really that mainstream. If you want alerts for a particular search term, then this one is for you.



  1. Recovery Made Easy!

We have all been in that spot where we had no clue what our password was or we completely loathed the idea of changing every single password. So, this is where you can change you’re all in one Google account password and here is also where you can add an alternative email and phone number.



  1. Shop till you Drop!

Move over price comparison websites! Google itself can help you out through its own data. Online shopping made twice easier by Google!



  1. Monetize your Apps!

If you are running an app and wish to monetize it as well as analyze your market, then this is the URL for you!


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