15 Great Apps for Brain Exercise – Android & iOS

When it comes to technology, a major part of what we use is mostly on our devices that we carry with us. A phone to make calls, a camera, a web browsing device, an email device and a multimedia device – you can find everything in a single device called the smartphone or even the tablet.

Most of the tablets and smartphones run on Android or iOS. Both of these mobile operating systems have a big number of users and both of these operating systems have a large number of apps on their app stores.

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When it comes to apps, we see all kinds of applications that can be used to do stuff like playing games, buying stuff online, or just to pass your time. Recently I came across a new category of applications that people could use to do some brain exercise. I am going to list these apps for Android as well as iOS below.

Lumosity – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Lumosity is one of the best apps you can use to do some brain training. This allows you to do some exercises that will improve your memory and awareness.

Android | iOS

Elevate – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

In case you want to process the information you read/grasp faster than ever, then it is important that you try Elevate as the exercises in Elevate will let you improve the way you grasp things.

Android | iOS

Fit Brains – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Fit Brains is an app that you will definitely love using as it uses games and interactive courses to improve the way you grasp and pay attention.

Android | iOS

Brain Wars – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

If you want a free and a fun way to train your brain in different areas, then Brain Wars is an app you should definitely be using. You will be taking part in competitions against people from around the world which make it fun!

Android | iOS

Happify – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

If you want to train your brain to conquer and eliminate the negative thoughts and to stay happy, then this app is a must use. Research has shown that some activities make you happy no matter what.

Android | iOS

CogniFit Brain Fitness – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

This app is a really great app that you can use if you want to improve your memory, concentration and other cognitive brain skills. This app comes with some great games that help you improve your skills.


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Personal Zen – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Imagine a game in which you have to follow two animated characters and both of them have a different character. One of the characters is calm and friendly while the another one is angry. You have to follow them through a field of rustling grass. This is what the app is about – releasing stress and anxiety.


Brain Trainer Special – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Brain Trainer Special is an app that comes with games that help you in memory related problems. This app challenges you to memorize letter sequences, phone numbers and solving math problems.


Brain Fitness Pro – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

This app comes with a series of memory training exercises that you can try to increase your concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills.


Positive Activity Jackpot – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

This app was originally developed for soldiers getting back from their duty having post-traumatic stress disorder. It works on the concept of augmented reality and shows you nearby activities to do using GPS.


Brain Workshop – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Unlike other Apps, this open source software is something different in the list. It will not amaze and entertain you with the cool graphical interface but it will surely make your brain do the best exercises. It is a dual n-back brain game training exercise.


Eidetic – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

This app uses space repetition to let you improve the ability to memorize important things like facts, numbers, and even words.


ReliefLink – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

This app was initially developed for people suffering from suicidal tendencies. It is a great tool to use to detect the mood of the person who is using it.


BrainHQ – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

This app offers a great range of training and exercises that you can try to improve the detail grasping ability when you see something.


Peak – 15 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Peak is an app for both Android as well as iOS that provides some great brain workout for people who want to improve their focus, memory, mental agility, problem-solving and language skills.

Android | iOS

This brain train apps are trending along with other health fitness apps. Now you can train your brain to use these apps. This new way of heath fitness should be in your pocket. You can now train yourself not only physically but mentally too. Hope you will like few out of this shortlisted brainy apps. Let us know which one you like the most and also share your experience using these apps.


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