11 Important Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog Post

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Blogging is an art not everyone can have perfection in. Writing skills don’t come to a person automatically but you have to practice, fail and get some quality feedback to improve you as a writer.

11 Important Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog PostBlogging is changing and it is changing at a very fast pace. People don’t like reading posts that are not interesting or provide them the facts that are very common. Beating around the bush just to increase the length of the post doesn’t work anymore.

As the length of your article isn’t much matter if your content is not SEO-friendly. Your need to make sure your article is well optimized. Yes! Optimized, an SEO-friendly article is what attracts good SERP.

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In this post, I will be listing down 11 important points that make a blog post interesting and you should know them!

#1. Make Sure the Headline is Attention Grabbing!

Keep in mind that people mostly read the headline of the post first and then they decide whether they want to read the post or not. It is important that you keep a headline that grabs attention from people as soon as they read them.

Important Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog PostClickbait posts are not a good idea but make sure the headline implies the main subject the post is on and at the same time, it is also suitable to use.

#2. Start the Post With an Interesting Introduction

Keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. Make sure you start and introduce the post with an interesting paragraph. You can start with a fact, or you can start with a small story.

I personally prefer a post to start with a commonly asked question regarding that topic or small informative paragraphs about it.

It will not only get the reader interested but this will also impress them and they will keep coming back for more posts.

#3. Use Persuasive Words that Get the User ThinkingImportant Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog Post

No, I am not talking about those big complex words. But surprise the reader by using a word that is not that common but easy to understand!

Words have a lot of power and simple words used in appropriate instances will make the post more impressive and interesting. Using persuasive words will give a professional touch to your content.

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#4. Compile Great Sentences

A meaningful compilation of words is known as a Sentence and trust me, some sentences can have the power to change a person’s perception. Make sure you compile your sentences in a great way that not only implies your point but also impacts the readers.

#5. Use bullet points effectivelyImportant Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog Post

Paragraphs are sometimes boring to read.

A blog post that is just written using paragraphs is quite boring to read. Use bullet points at appropriate places to show important points.

Bullet points are not only easy to read, but they are a nice change in a blog post full of paragraphs.

All of us do ignore articles written with long paragraphs only. But if you see something like features, points, etc using bullets, numbers then I bet most of you do read it as they are single line content with required information about service, products you may want to know about.

So including numbers or bullets inside your content is always good to have.

#6. Use Subheadings Appropriately

A blog post on a topic contains many other things as well. Start the post with an introduction and move on to diversify things. In order to mention which part of the blog post is about what sub-topic, you can use Subheadings. These are used for the ease of which the reader can read the post.

#7. Dictate a Story – An Interesting One!

I already mentioned how stories and facts get the readers hooked to the post. Mention a story related to the topic of the post and you can use this story to explain the points in your post. This will make your blog post more interesting.

Important Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog Post

The other day I suggested one of my friend to follow the same thing in one of his blog posts and the feedback he got from his users was great.

See how I used a story in the last paragraph? This is what I am trying to explain!

#8. Cliffhangers are Interesting – Use them!

Have you seen The Walking Dead? Each and every episode of the TV Series ends with a cliffhanger that makes the user wait for the next episode and keeps the excitement alive.

If you are writing a post that has several different parts, it is a nice idea to include some cliffhangers in the post so that the users and readers look forward to the next post.

#9. Use Related Images to Explain the Post

A post just full of textual content is just so boring. As pictures describe things more effectively than words do.

Important Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog PostIt is important that you include some great and related images inside the post that explains the points you are trying to make. If you are writing a tutorial, include related images, if you are reviewing a product, use the images of that products.

#10. End the Post Properly, with Style!

Endings of the post are just as important as the starting introduction. It is important that you close the post properly with some advice or fact. You can also use a call to action sentences like asking your readers to share their feedback and to share the post with others.

#11. Be Original & RealBe Original & Real

Last but not the least, it is important that you write the post in your own authentic style. Each writer has their own writing style that people find interesting. The different writing style makes readers curious about the posts and other posts coming up from the users.

Be your own self and use your real perceptions.

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So, these were some important 11 points that you can keep in mind to create a blog post that hooks the reader and makes them love your post. This is not any rocket science but just some suggestions that you can use to boost your art of writing.

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Blogging is an art not everyone can have

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