I’m a hardcore fan of Windows phones. I’ve been using a different Windows phone for about two years now. Currently, I’m using Lumia 730 and I’m very satisfied with the performance of this phone. I do play a lot of games every day and I never faced battery draining issues with this phone.

Getting games on Windows device through Windows store is pretty easy but downloading big games, especially downloading games above 500MB is really annoying because it takes the hell of the time and sometimes these games seem leggy for small end devices.

10 Best Low Memory Size HD Games For Your Windows Phone

Games with low memory size mostly come up with bad graphics and it is hard to find a small game with good graphics but there are ample of small games available in Windows Store with better graphics.

So today I’m going to share top 10 interesting games that anybody can play, even low-end phones would be able to run these games.

1. Zombie Tsunami:

Zombie Tsunami game for windows phone

If you love zombies stuff, then you should try this game for sure, I already have this game on my phone and there’s no doubt, one of my favorite game so far.

This game is pretty interesting to play, in this game you have to add as many zombies to your hoard by killing city people or by destroying city vehicles to eat the survivors inside.

This game has awesome graphics and the size of the game is approx 25.69 MB – 25.74 MB.

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2. Hungry Shark Evolution:

Hungry Shark Evolution Game for windows phone

Hungry Shark Evolution is a 3D game by Ubisoft under Xbox, this game has awesome graphics and I used to play this game on my phone a lot. In this game, you have to control a hungry shark undersea world, for survival, you need to eat everything that gets in your way.

Get rewards and evolve your shark to big shark by eating more stuff inside sea world. This game has ample of awesome features like quality 3D graphics, 11 Shark types, a huge sea world to explore, sunken treasures to discover and 70 different missions to complete.

The size of this game is not big, approx 116.97 MB – 127.58 MB. Download this game from Windows store and enjoy it.


3. DEAD TARGET: Zombie:

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Game for windows phone

If you love shooting or action games including zombies then you should never miss this game. This game has stunning 3D graphics with realistic sound effect. You have to do only one thing in this game, kill zombies and more zombies.

In this game, you’re going to deal with different zombie types and weapons, kill as much as zombies and complete your missions.

This is an awesome game for zombie lovers, the approx size of the game is 44.35 MB, download this game and get ready for an amazing thrilling ride with zombies.


4. Major Mayhem:

Major Mayhem Game for windows phone

This is another classy shooting game for all action lovers. In this game, you’ll get a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the forces of enemies. You’ll get guns, grenades, ammo and awesome 3D environments to run and kill everything that gets in your way.

In this game, you’ll get 48 different levels and 20 different weapons with different environments, including Tropics, Metropolis, and Desert.

The size of the game is approx 32.02 MB, download this game now and enjoy some action fun to rescue your virtual girlfriend 😀 isn’t that fun?


5. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies:

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies Game for windows phone

Another zombie game for zombie lovers, in this game you have to kill zombies but make sure of the law meter, it should be maximum by killing zombies, collecting shields and avoiding damage.

This game is pretty simple to learn and play with ‘Single-Stick’ controls. In this game, you have to complete three episodes and thirty levels of doing equipment upgrades.

The graphics of the game is impressive while the size of the game is approx 25.64 MB – 25.98 MB. Download this game if you love zombies.


6. Fortress Under Siege:

Fortress Under Siege Game for windows phone

I’m a big fan of this game, I never get bored of this game, if you love strategy games then this game is for you.

In this game, you have to take care of your kingdom with the help of fortress construction mode, by which you can build a strong fortress to defeat the enemy army and by buying different types of soldiers through 22 types of military units which make your soldier’s battle efficiency stronger.

The best thing I liked about this game is you can place or control soldiers anywhere in the field. If you going to play this game, take this note as a tip and you’ll get the easy win, buy more archers than field soldiers and make your fortress wall strong as much as possible.

The size of the game is approx 99.76 MB and I hope you’ll love this game.


7. City Racing 3D:

City Racing 3D Game for windows phone

One of the best car racing game I’ve ever played on my windows phone with awesome 3D effects and impressive graphics.

In this game, you’ll get different cars and different tracks from worldwide cities like Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, London and much more to explore. You’ll get nitro to boost your speed and drifts helps you to cross sharp turns easily. Complete levels and upgrade your car or buy the new car, this is one of the best racing game under slim size.

The size of the game is approx 43.53 MB, download this game from Windows store and enjoy it.

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8. Wings on Fire:

Wings on Fire Game for windows phone

If you love racing & flying games then go for it. I just loved this game, played this game a few weeks ago and I was amazed.

In this game, you have to complete missions by destroying the enemy base and by killing powerful bosses. The 3D graphics of this game is just stunning, just complete missions and buy new planes or upgrade them. This is one of the finest endless runner games like Temple Run or Subway Surfer.

The size of this game is approx 27.33 MB, download this game and you’ll surely love it.


9. Real Steel WRB

Real Steel WRB Game for windows phone

If you loved Real Steel movie then you should not miss this game, this game is top 5 hit in over 50 countries and considered as one of the best wrestling game.

In this game, buy your robot or upgrade your robot and become a robot champion once again. The graphics of the game is awesome and controls are pretty easy. I loved this game and completed all levels and won the champion title.

The size of the game is approx 276.41 MB, get this game from Store on your phone.


10. Asphalt Overdrive:

Asphalt Overdrive Game for windows phone

We all love Asphalt racing games but almost new and previous versions of Asphalt games are very big in size but you’ll get this game in just 276.41 MB.

I loved this game, graphics are just stunning and awesome vehicles such as the iconic Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa.

In this game, you’ll get a different environment like Escape the police, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles and perform impressive stunts while you race. It is probably the best racing game I have played so far so download it from Windows store and enjoy this game.

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