10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

Those in the content industry are well aware of plagiarism and are doing everything they can to fend off its existence.

Yet, it exists and frustrates the life out of us. When you see people lifting your articles or images blatantly, you feel angry because you have worked hard for it. It often happens that the search engine ranks the other article better.

After all, one has researched a lot and put in a lot of hard work for writing the article and you don’t want someone to reap the benefits by copy-pasting your work and not giving you any credits. Though Google Panda has made life a little easier for us and now there are ways of filing DMCA notices, you first need to find out if your work is being copied or not.

Here are the 10 best duplicate content checker tools that will help you do so –

  1. Plagiarisma

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

Plagiarisma provides the users with the following 3 options –

  1. Upload a .txt, .rtf or a .doc file
  2. Search the whole text of the article
  3. Paste the URL

  1. Plagium

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

Using Plagium you can scan as many as 25,000 characters but it may not always suffice.

Yet, the good part is that it sends you an email alert whenever your article is copied. It uses the Yahoo, Bing and Google indexes to check. They have a membership that lets you check number of characters but all their memberships have an upper limit.

  1. Plagiarism Checker for Students

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

This tool is free but it will only scrape through blogs. It is popular for checking if essays and assignments are copied. It lets you check a total of 1000 words and the service is available in both, English and Spanish.

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  1. Copyscape

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

Copyscape is the fall back upon tool for most of the people in the content industry.

It will scrape through published as well as unpublished content and get you the best deal possible. It digs deep into the internet in order to get you results and it will also provide you with links from where the article has been copied.

The free tool only looks for published content while a paid version helps you look through unpublished content as well. It charges you on per credit bases and the cost of 1 credit is as little as $ 0.5.

It also has an API that can be embedded into the blog’s CMS so that it searches for all the articles on the blog’s platform.

  1. Duplichecker

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

This is also a free tool and the best part is that it lets you check unpublished content.

You can upload a notepad file or simply paste the article in the box. It will let you know if your article is unique. It uses numerous search engine indexes to check for duplicate content but it is advised to always use the Google index for obvious reasons.

  1. Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

It is a premium tool for checking the originality of content. It has often been rated above Copyscape.

It has numerous features and lets you check for duplicates very easily. It also allows you to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your work. A large number of people prefer this tool over any other. This tool is highly recommended by any webmaster over other content checking tools.

Recently this tool is added to Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers as a free add-on extension to add in your browsers to check anytime for a copy or duplicate content.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

This is another reliable and free tool. It lets you run not more than 5 searches a day and hence, use it depending upon your needs. It is highly efficient and can match the accuracy of Copyscape and duplichecker.

  1. DMCA Scan

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

This is largely meant to protect your website. This will also help you in reporting your errors to Google. It will ensure that the originality of your content remains to quite an extent. There is a free version as well as a nominally priced pro version of this.

  1. Small SEO tools

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

This is your go-to tool if you cannot afford Copyscape. It is as accurate and doesn’t charge. It also has a multitude of other internet marketing tools that you can use.

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  1. Google

10 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Everyone

Lastly and most importantly, let us not forget Google. It is the very best and it is absolutely free. Just put the phrase in between “YOUR TEXT” in the search bar and see if it shows results. If not, your content hasn’t been copied!

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  • Here is another great plagiarism checker – https://noplag.com. It provides very accurate results and checking takes just a few seconds.

    • Thanks for sharing Sam but this one is not free content checker. So not so useful.

    • Thanks Talha for sharing it. It is just new to this league, but yes it would also do the job.

  • According to me SmallSEOTools is one of the best tools to find duplicate content. However these tools are also looking nice, will surly try to use practically. Thanks to share this post.

    • Yes Roy, SmallSEOTools are also good to use for many seo tasks.

  • Mia Ladron says:

    Seeing that the topic of plagiarism avoidance is becoming more and more popular makes my heart beat faster. In recent years this problem has acquired a special significance. Finally, the originality is a new trend. And, as we see, plagiarism-fighters are working hard to create the innovative and affordable tools. Not so long ago, I’ve tried a free version of Unplag https://unplag.com/free-plagiarism-checker/ and it rocks, I should say. From now on, all the copy cats are in danger.

  • Lesley Vos says:

    Thanks for gathering them on at one place, Alok! The issue of plagiarism is always topical, no matter if in academia or web content.

    And what about https://plagiarismcheck.org/? This duplication checker tool is easy and safe to use, it gives permanent reports on how original and strong your documents are.

    Perfect for students and educators, this tool works for everyone who writes: bloggers, journalists, academics, copywriters… I hope this info will help you. Cheers! 🙂

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