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Segway files Patent Lawsuit against ‘Hoverboard’ brand Inventist

Segway files Patent Lawsuit against Inventist of 'Hoverboard'The trending “hoverboards” is now in trouble. Segway has filed patent lawsuit against the two-wheeled hoverboards by Inventist. You may have seen many celebs, NBA players with the new “Hovertrax” which looks a lot like Segway without handlebar.

The founder of Segway “Dean Kamen” has started this company over a decade ago. He is now up with patent-ship of his product Segway against the Inventist, the makers of Hovertrax. Segway owned the first two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicles. And now these days there are many other self-balancing vehicles launching time to time.

Segway self balancing two wheels vehicleThis news about patent lawsuit was revealed by the Hollywood reporter, it was filed on Friday. Segway is also aiming for Inventist’s other self-balancing products out there in market, which includes one-wheeled Solowheel.

There are too many brands when it comes to hoverboards. Inventist believes that it has every right to sell its devices in the market. Recently Inventist filed its own lawsuit against Soibatian Corporation, who is known as the makers of IO Hawk, it’s a device which has the same looks and functions as Hovertrax.

Beside all these brands of hoverboards, one of the most popular brands with hoverboards is called as Phunkeeduck. It is one of the top competitor of Hovertrax and the IO Hawk.

Phunkeeduck hoverboard

NBA player JR Smith rides a Phunkeeduck during the NBA Finals.

Currently there are so many devices in market resembling to Segway, and gaining popularity day-by-day, far better than Segway itself. Now we just have to watch how Segway going to act and defend itself against all copycats devices.

The lawsuits will keep on rising in future regarding this issue. But the users will keep on enjoying latest technology of the 21st century by using hoverboards in their daily life. Get ready to catch people using hoverboards all around you. Try to buy one for you too; this lawsuit war is not going to end soon.

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