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These 5 Apps Will Help You Locate Your Parked Car

These 5 Apps Will Help You Locate Your Parked Car

Technological advancements and the increased pace of life has made us more forgetful lately. There are times, when you have parked your car 100 meters away but are not able to locate it. In order to evade such situations, parking apps have come into play.

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5 Best Android Tablets For Students And Kids

With technology constructing strong roots among the young generation, it has become easier for kids and students to do anything and everything on the tablet devices. Android tablets not only give the users a chance to play games of their choice but also teach them

5 Awesome Multi Player Games for Your Android Device

5 Awesome MultiPlayer Games for Your Android Device

Playing Games on an Android device is always very nice. Android has become one of the most popular platforms for gaming these days. The concept of gaming in an Android device is quite powerful. To engage people with games, Android is definitely a great platform.

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