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How to Disable Community Posts Appearing on Your Google+ Profile

Google’s most famous social media idea is Google+. But this is not anything like other social media sites. The real deal to be on Google+ is if you have some business to promote. Yes! G+ is mostly used as a fantastic social media ground to promote your business, your interest and other things. This if not so famous for other usual stuff you find on other social media websites like to make new friends, find your old mates, etc.

How to Disable Community Posts Appearing on Your Google+ ProfileGoogle played well by implementing a perfect business market right under its Google+ communities. You can join different public communities related to your business and can share and discuss your services with many possible clients joined in those same communities. You can even create your own community by your business and set it to be public or private community. As for me Google+ communities are worth to try if you want to promote anything regarding your business or whatever.

Bypass default Community Setting Issue:

When a business produces a great content or information on their website/blog and wants to share it with multiple Google+ communities, your profile gets messed up. Google+ default setting will display your each shared posts on communities on your profile updates, which can be seen by everyone. Suppose you have to share your business content on 6 different communities all 6 shared posts will be display on your profile update. For some this looks like a spamming, by sharing same content link multiple times. This single most highlighted issue on Google+ should be improved.

Relax! Google already provide option to bypass this issue. To avoid spamming your own Google+ profile.

Steps to Disable shared community posts on your own profile update Tab:

#1. Log in to your G+ profile.

#2. In the upper left side of your Google+ profile window, hover your mouse over the home tab.

How to Disable Community Posts Appearing on Your Google+ Profile

#3. A drop down list will be displayed, including tabs like “profile”, “people” (friends circle), “photos”, and the very last option “setting”.

How to Disable Community Posts Appearing on Your Google+ Profile

#4. Click on the setting tab. Scroll down at the bottom of the setting window. You will see “Profilesettings.

#5. Uncheck the very first option under your “profile” settings.

How to Disable Community Posts Appearing on Your Google+ Profile

And it’s done! No more communities shared posts will appear on your profile updates. No more spam look like Google+ profile.

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A green light to Google+ communities from our side. If you haven’t tried to promote your product, services or content on Google+ communities yet. Then try it and let us know your experience regarding Google+ marketing strategy. You can also share some good Google+ sharing strategies which you think can do more with Google+ communities.

3 thoughts on “How to Disable Community Posts Appearing on Your Google+ Profile”

  1. Piyush Golani says:


    you post and writing skills are really amazing. You always write short and point to point tutorial. I always love to visit your blog.

    Is there is any harm if we share our blog post in 20+ g+ communities ?

    Please do let me know asap 🙂


    1. Alok says:

      Hello Piyush thanks for your feedback. And about the blog post in G+ communities. By experience I’ll suggest you not to share your blog post in more then 5 communities a day to avoid being spammed. I would also like to suggest you to share your blog post in communities time to time rather then in all communities at once.


  2. Sandra says:

    Super helpful! I thought I would be bound for life to this spammy look.

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