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10 Self Defense Accessories You Can Buy Online

Self-defense is fortunately or unfortunately a self-explanatory term.

It means that one has to defend him or herself from any harm coming their way. The judiciary also recognises self-defense and an action taken as an act of self-defense is not deemed to be punishable.

However, everyone views everything from their own level of perception including self-defense. None the less, in an age where crimes are constantly on a rise, it is a necessity.

Here are some Accessories that will keep you safe

1- The E-Cig Stun Gun

Vaporizer E-Cig Stun Gun

This is shaped like a vaporiser i.e. an e-cigarette. It has a LED flashlight that can cause temporary blindness. It also has a power of 18 million volts.

Price – $59.95

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2- The Lipstick Stun Gun

The Lipstick Stun Gun

This one also comes with a flashlight along with a stun gun. It has a power of 3 million volts. It’s slightly large for a lipstick case but is small enough to fit into your bag.

Price – $27.99

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3- Keychain Pepper Spray

Keychain Pepper Spray Wildfire

This very artistic and feline keychain is actually a pepper spray. It releases in a fraction of a second and is harmful enough to cause the person to close their eyes along with intensive burning and expansion of mucus. The effect lasts for 45 minutes only and causes absolutely no permanent damage to the victim.

Price – $ 11

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4- The Pepper Spray Gun

The Pepper Spray Gun

What it does can easily be explained by itself, you pull the trigger and you spray the pepper.

Price – $37.99

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5- The Keychain that Stings

The Keychain that Stings

This is very effective and can take someone off guard. If you hold it, it is very easy to hide. Thus, making it extremely feasible to use; it can definitely help you get out of things that can be very very messy or to put it straight things that have the chance to ruin your life.

Price – $8.50

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6- Alarm Keychain

Alarm Keychain

This creates a really high-pitched sound that ensures that absolutely everyone is looking at you. Hence, it is a great device to carry around if at all you land up in dangerous situations.

Price – $8.95

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7- The Bear Repellent

The Bear Repellent

Often whilst camping and on adventure trips, one comes across wild animals one would rather not face. It is necessary to ward off these animals and this spray helps. In fact, it not just helps with animals but also with unwanted attention from human beings and monkeys.

Price – $34.95

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8- The Lock Pick Set

The Lock Pick Set

Well, if you are buying this, then either you are anticipating something grave or are into something grave. None the less, you cannot be locked anywhere if you are carrying this with you. Hence, it is definitely good to carry this around.

Price – $14.95

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9- Knuckle Duster

Knuckle Duster

If you aren’t the pepper spray types and want to go total bad-ass, then knuckle dusters are your thing. Needless to say, it hurts hard!

Price – $7.95

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10- Paintball Gun Converter

Paintball Gun Converter

If you think knuckle dusters aren’t enough and you need something more to satiate your appetite, this is where your search ends. This paintball gun that can be converted to the power of a fully loaded gun is what you need.

Price – $159.99

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One thought on “10 Self Defense Accessories You Can Buy Online”

  1. Brooke McAvoy says:

    How effective is bear repellent? I hear contradictory things about this, and I want to know that it will be somewhat helpful. Also, just out of curiosity, would I be able to buy some really advanced protective gear if I wanted to? For example, I have been wondering if I could ever buy a bulletproof vest. Thank you for all of you great ideas for defensive gadgets!

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